Book Review: Business for Authors. How to Be an Author Entrepreneur by Joanna Penn

In this book you will find real advice with systems and processes to change an author into a business person. This is not a get rich quick tactic but she gave a facts, pros and cons for a person to make better and informed decisions.

She gave a lot of examples from her personal life and other authors as well to corroborate the facts. If you are writing as a hobby or driven by passion to write, this book will have you setup yourself into a business. It will also answer some of the questions that are not discussed in writing forums.

Throughout the book you will find that writing is not just an art but a business. I bought the audio book. I will have to listen it again and again because there are a lot of things to learn.

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Smuggled (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

I was born a free man they told me

With rights as a human and a culture to preserve

In a foreign land I have escaped my captors

With no campus I try to outrun him

For in a foreign country everyone is after me

The law, immigration and my tormentors search for me

They put a price on my head high above the sky

Traded for a bag of coffee my life is overturned

Blindfolded they made me cross the sea unwillingly

A better life and social status is all I ever wanted

That quest ended in chains and beatings without mercy

They rob me of my past and heritage

And try to define and draw destiny for me

A land I despised so much I crave to return

Africa has lost another of her great sons

Human traffickers roam within her thin belly

For an ounce of gold men are taken for assets

The devil in a tuxedo promised me great fortune

I repent but the heavens are closed upon me

Until death I will search for my way home

Authors’ New Year Present

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Book Review: How Did I Get Here by Tony Hawk

This is not a bad book. It was written with a modern tone to target the younger generation. The book was well designed and the graphics convincing. Tony put a lot of effort to produce the book.

However it lacks in depth lessons for young entrepreneurs. The book proved that Tony may be a great entrepreneur but not a good at teaching and mentoring, or he got there by just luck. Hence the book is just a biography of his life with little things to apply to your business.

When I got the book I was excited with the design, layout and presentation but I got to the last chapter still wondering what I have really learnt.

Another issue that was hidden from the book is his personal life. You cannot write a biography and exclude your personal life from it. It is possible there are issues that were not in order in Tony’s life and had not dealt with them.

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Lost Ones (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

She was the perfect rose I swear

A delight in my disgruntled garden

She gave me hope for a better future

And smiles and joy I flourished myself

Until the bus overturned on that cursed bridge

Never do I wish to visit the tragedy scene

For it drains all hope from me and keeps me weak

An imperfect soul the earth has lost

Loved for all its craziness and humble character

We all mourn but none feels how I feel

For this loss I take personal and with a grudge

My to be companion among the dead

I curse both death and birth all my life

One from the womb and the other from fate

For once God seems unfair to me and brethren

Never on earth will I find one like her

Still the Lord smiles and disapproves my emotion

For like Job I question the unquestionable

I have no idea how he operates and functions

So I am here to repent and be forgiven

For all the answers he holds in his hands

My beloved is gone and rendered me lonely

Book Review: His Banqueting Table by Bill Pyatt

This is a book on miracles happening to ordinary people in extra ordinary ways as they go about living their ordinary life. What makes this book stand out is the way the book was written. There are not superficial religious words or terminology. It looks like a biography of miracles happening in a family. The graphics and testimonies in the book are real and prove that the stories were not staged.

This book made me to believe that God works in mysterious ways. A chapter a day can help you believe that God can do it in your own life. The book makes you want to meet Bill in person and hear the story for yourself.

An amazing book indeed!

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The Traveler (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

The faster he came the faster he went

Like life itself only seconds define it

I explore the atlas and no destination suits me

In my head I travel to and fro seeking peace

The caymans hide my stolen treasures

The swiss marvel at my investments

The authority and law wonder my whereabouts

No man is an island I tell myself again

Keep my enemies closer so I watch the intent

My family won’t help and I help none of them

I have enemies within my own boundaries

Blessed be the heavens and cursed our currencies

Poverty is the root of all evil I challenge

King Solomon must have looted himself indeed

For his wisdom rendered himself useless

A legacy God gave him to misuse

A dacaying man I am walking the earth

Peace be upon as I search for a hideout

Book Review: The Power Of Praying: Through The Bible by Stormie Omartian

Stormie compiled a good small book for deviation and meditation. The contents consist of only scriptures, grouped together for easy reference. It does not have chapters per say but each page has a title and verses that go along with the title. You can read the book in any situation; when having a quiet time or when praying over the scriptures.

I have the hard copy of the book. It is small making it easy to carry it around in your pocket or handbag.

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Mothers Weeping (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

So all I did was labour for nothing

The seed I begot is an eyesore to mankind

What have I done to deserve such hatred among men

All resources I provided from the little I had

Hoping a proud harvest I was about to reap

Like a failed business venture I cry over my loss

For shame and disgrace you have put upon me

This environment is nothing but a treacherous plot

Governed by rights that shadow our very own culture

I carry my basket upon my head every day for you

For in prison decent food you are lacking

Like a sad hymn I walk to your rescue with hope

All I taught you was in vain my child

Proof that your generation is faithless and evil

The capitalist economy was never meant for lazy you

The faster it come the quicker it’s taken from you

At least I got rid of your murder weapon in good time

Be glad your sentence is not a lifetime

Still more I weep til my eyes get dry

Life at the Compound by Tichafa Tsiga

Life at the compound is centred on life as it happens in a typical farm village. There is the abusive nature and manipulation of employees by the authorities, which is seen propagating to their followers. The senior employees are seen doing the same particularly the masculine exploiting and abusing their female employees because of their positions. This goes to even affect the children due to lack of care by those who should be seen doing so.

Corruption reared its ugly head as would be seen by the incarceration of farm teachers by farm authorities leading to their union dumping them at the eleventh hour due to money exchanging hands.

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My name is Tichafa Tsiga born in 1970, 09 June in Mutoko, Zimbbwe. I went to Katsukunya secondary school. In 2005 i graduated from DMC Hotel Training centre. I worked for Spur Steak ranches from 1997 to 2012 in Harare. Currently i am working for a Catering company as a catering manager.

Life at the compound is my first book.

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