A Teaspoon of Death by Sarthak Khurana

The defense ministers of three enemy countries, China, USA, and Russia, have been murdered simultaneously on the same night. The countries suspect each other and are preparing for war without a defense minister, a war which would inevitably lead to a world war.

Wilston Sebastian, a mastermind criminal who operates from the the most secure jail, is accused to be the cause of the global unrest. The popular opinion is to put him, forth the victim counties and delay the war. But the judge, being an old friend of Wilston, doesn’t go with the popular opinion. He, instead, gives Wilston three days to solve three continental murders from his cell. He sends out his trusted friend and a warden of the jail, to further investigate the murders. But that doesn’t prove to be of any help. Instead, they fall deeper into the dark plots of their antagonists. The tables of odds turn against them every time they seem to progress.

Will Wilston Sebastian be able to prove his innocence and stop the war that would be the end of humanity?

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Dialogue With A Serpent (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Born in a world of transgression

Taught by the best through starvation

In the dark I pray for my tribulation

My soul enjoys the melody of slavery

For it was the only option better than you

Before I trample on you I demand a smile

I demand that which you fail to attain

With a smooth strike you bite my ankle

Let’s have a chat before I die my sister

For both of us are orphans denied by them

Death can never be more welcome

From a saint to a fellow angel

After incarnation I become you of course

Am the vision and you my visionary

Carry out my last testament for it is good

Turn to your disciples and do likewise

My heart is full of joy and distortion

For with courage I have faced you

Book Review: Fortune how I got started – The Editors of Fortune Magazine

The book is a compilation of stories of entrepreneurs giving highlights on how they started their businesses. The entrepreneurs are from a diverse background, operate different types businesses and they started in all sorts of ways.

The book groups the entrepreneurs into seven sections as follows;

  1. Eureka moment. These grew their businesses by a discovery.
  2. Friends and family. Grew the business with the help of friend and family members.
  3. Grow what you know. These grew their businesses using special know of the product or industry.
  4. Think like a customer. They grew the business with the help of customers.
  5. The power of your people. They expanded using franchising.
  6. Selling on a shoestring. They had to do some tricks to increase sales.
  7. These had businesses that took a long time to turn around.

If you are an entrepreneur, these inspirational stories will give you hope that you can make it. These are real stories from real people who made it.

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Nameless (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

In the face of destruction we smiled

When we had no joy we laughed

Incase you did not know we forgave you

And now we dwell in your ignorance

Show us hatred and we will accept

The result being your own desolation

We smile more when you conquer nobleness

And now our young one’s are in belwederment

For trust of you we got rid off

We walk like giants indeed

Talk like tyrants for sure

David and Goliath we observed

But faith of a mustard seed we have

In drought we fight the lack of moisture

And in the rain we withhold our struggle

Our tribe embrace races and originality

In our minds we take heed of culture

Innocent people will call us

Your dark secrets we shall laugh at

In the name of humanity we cast you out

By way of reason we accept you

Now watch and learn

For we have conquered you

The definition of innocence we are

For we defy all hatred

ISBN Agencies Worldwide

One of the most FAQ by new authors is how and where can I get the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for my book.

Here is a list of the official organisations in various countries (and contact details) that issues ISBN numbers. Note that some countries charge a small fee for the number. I hope this will help.

If your country is not on the list or if the details have changed please let us know.



Organization: ISBN Agency – Thorpe Bowker

Address: Level One, 607 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria, 3004

Phone 1: (+61 3) 8517 8349, Fax 1: (+61 3) 8517 8399

Email: isbn@thorpe.com.au, Web: http://www.myidentifiers.com.au

Contact Name: Ms Maria Watt



Organization: Botswana National Library Service

Address: National Reference Library, P/ Bag 0036, Gaborone

Phone 1: (+267) 370 4413, Phone 2: (+267) 395 2397, Fax 1: (+267) 390 1149

Email: mtamocha@gov.bw, Web: http://www.gov.bw

Contact Name: Mr Matlho Tamocha



Address: Head of Deposit Depart. Egyptian National Library, Kornish el Nile, Ramelt Bolaq, Cairo

Phone 1: (+20 2) 2575 0886, Phone 2: (+20 2) 2575 1078, Fax 1: (+20 2) 357589547

Email: darelkotob.fan@gmail.com

Contact Name: 1 Prof Abd El Nasser Hassan

Contact Name: 2 Alaa Hassan



Organization: Ghana Library Authority

Address: George Padmore Research Library, on African Affairs, P.O. Box GP2970, Accra

Phone 1: (+233) 244 764505, Phone 2: (+233) 242 174209

Email: padmorelibrary@gmail.com

Contact Name: 1 Mr. Robert Aryee

Contact Name: 2 Mrs. Rebecca Akita



Organization: Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN

Address: Ministry of Human Resource Development, Room No. 13, 4th Floor, Jeevan Deep Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi-110001

Phone 1: (+91-11) 23369668

Email: isbn-mhrd@gov.in, Web: http://isbn.gov.in

Contact Name: Ms Aparna Sharma



Address: Kenya National Library Services, P.O. BOX 30573 – 00100 GPO, Nairobi

Phone 1: (+254 20) 2158359, Phone 2: (+254 20) 7786710, Fax 1: (+254 20) 2158352

Email: hodnld@knls.ac.ke, Web: http://www.knls.ac.ke

Contact Name: Philomena Mwirigi



Address: The National University of Lesotho Library, P.O. Roma 180, Maseru, Lesotho

Phone 1: (+266) 22340601, Phone 2: (+266) 28340777, Fax 1: (+266) 22340000

Email: w.mokotjo@nul.ls

Contact Name: 1 Mr. William Mokotjo

Contact Name: 2 Ntemana Tsoenyo

Contact Name: 3 Ntate Willie



Address: National Archives of Malawi, Senior Assistant Librarian, Mkulichi Road, Zomba, P.O. Box 62, Zomba.

Phone 1: (+265 1) 525 240

Email: archivesmalawi@gmail.com

Contact Name: 1 Mr Robert Mkuwira

Contact Name: 2 Innocent Mankhwala



Address: Mongolian Book Publishers’ Association, 1st floor, Room 101, Inter Office Building, Amar’s Street 2, Sukhbaatar District. P.O. Box-92, Ulaanbaatar 14200

Phone 1: (+976) 70100903, Fax 1: (+976) 70100903

Email: isbnagency@mbpa.mn

Contact Name: Tsengelmaa Batjargal


New Zealand

Organization: Bureau ISBN

Address: CB, Erasmusweg 10, 4104 AK Culemborg

Phone 1: (+31 345) 475 855, Phone 2: (+31 345) 475 847

Email: isbn@cb-logistics.nl, Web: http://www.isbn.nl

Contact Name: 1 Lianne Spithoven-Gerritsen

Contact Name: 2 Margot Kersaan



Address: National Bibliographic Control Dept, National Library of Nigeria, Plot 274 Sanusi-Dantata House, Central Business District, P.M.B. 1, Garki, Abuja.

Phone 1: (+234) 8023673714

Email: natbcdnlnig@yahoo.com, Web: http://www.nln.gov.ng

Contact Name: Mrs. Anthonia Onuoha



Address: National Library of Pakistan, Sector G-5, Constitution Avenue, Islamabad – 44000

Phone 1: (+92 51) 920 2549, Phone 2: (+92 51) 920 7456, Fax 1: (+92 51) 922 13 75

Email: ghyour_hussain@hotmail.com, Web: http://www.nlp.gov.pk

Contact Name: Mr. Syed Ghyour Hussain



Address: The National Library of the Philippines, TM Kalaw St, P.O Box 2926, Ermita Manila 1000

Phone 1: (+ 63 2) 310 50 32, Phone 2: (+ 63 2) 336 72 00, Fax 1: (+63 2) 524 23 29

Email: isbn@nlp.gov.ph, Web: http://nlpbsd.wix.com/nlpbsd

Contact Name: 1 Ms. Nina Fronda (Chief, Bibliographic Services Division), Email: bsd@nlp.gov.ph

Contact Name: 2 Ms. Eusebia M. Accad (Assistant Chief, Bibliographic Services Division)


South Africa

Address: The National Library of South Africa, Private Bag X990, Pretoria 0001

Phone 1: +27 (0) 12 401 9718, Phone 2: +27 (0) 12 401 9776, Fax 1: +27 (0) 12 325 5984

Email: ISN.agency@nlsa.ac.za, Web: http://www.nlsa.ac.za



Address: University of Swaziland Libraries, Special Collections, Private Bag 4, Kwaluseni

Phone 1: (+268) 25170 170, Fax 1: (+268) 25170 001

Email: abahle@uniswa.sz, Web: http://www.library.uniswa.sz

Contact Name: Mr. Abahle Thwala



Organization: National Bibliographic Agency

Address: Director General, Tanzania Library Services Board, P.O. Box 9283, Dar es Salaam

Phone 1: (+255 22) 21500 48, Phone 2: (+255 22) 21500 49, Fax 1: (+255 22) 2151100, Fax 2: (+255 22) 2151107

Email: tlsb@africaonline.co.tz, Web: http://www.tlsb.or.tz

Contact Name: Ms. Emily Emmanuel Meshack



Address: National Library of Uganda, Plot 50, Buganda Road, P.O. Box 4262, Kampala, Uganda

Phone 1: +256 414 233633, Phone 2: +256 414 254661, Fax 1: +256 414 348625

Email: admin@nlu.go.ug, Web: http://www.nlu.go.ug

Contact Name: 1 Daniel Osinde

Contact Name: 2 Barbra Apolot


United Kingdom and Ireland

Organization: Nielsen Book – ISBN Agency

Address: Midas House, 3rd Floor, 62 Goldsworth Road, Woking, Surrey GU21 6LQ

Phone 1: +44 (0) 1483 712 215, Fax 1: +44 (0) 1483 712 214

Email: isbn.agency@nielsen.com, Web: http://www.isbn.nielsenbookdata.co.uk

Contact Name: Ms Diana Dalasini


United States of America

Organization: R.R. Bowker, LLC – US ISBN Agency

Address: 630 Central Ave. New Providence, NJ 07974

Phone 1: (+1) 877-310-7333, Phone 2: (+ 1) 888-269 5372, Fax 1: (+1) 908 795 3518

Email: isbn-san@bowker.com, Web: http://www.isbn.org

Contact Name: John Purcell



Address: Booksellers & Publishers Association of Zambia, P.O. Box 51109, Lusaka

Phone 1: (+260) 977 746477, Phone 2: (+260 1) 253 952

Email: dongo.banda@gmail.com

Contact Name: Ms Dongo Banda



Organization: National Archives of Zimbabwe

Address: Causeway, Private Bag 7729, Harare

Phone 1: (+263 4) 792 741 x3, Fax 1: (+263 4) 792 398

Email: archives@archives.gov.zw

Contact Name: 1 Mr Kudakwashe Tonhodzai

Contact Name: 2 Wendy Mubariri


Book Review: How we bought a 24-unit apartment for (almost) no money down by Brandon Turner

In this small book Brandon tells his story on how he bought the 24 unit apartment for almost no money down.

It is an inspirational story for those who are interested in real estate or business. In the story one thing led to another and most of it is by coincidence. His story show some creativity in desperate situations.

I liked the book especially that you finish it in one read.

The down side of the book is that it looks like a marketing booklet for other products. However he did it very well.

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The Brethren (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

With a cold shoulder he stares

In my understanding he is game

A victim of oneself I am

Like a Jaguar I patiently watch him

A trap I set for his own good

And felony is the result am sure

Never yourself in a lifetime

Should you forgive your own sins

For one greater still accounts for them

Now let us feast to our own destruction

Our righteousness locked in a dark room

With our disturd minds we laugh

Fate is still watching us with sorrow

Wish me luck brethren I declare

For I have run out of it

Book Review: How to grow a multi-million dollar property portfolio in your spare time by Michael Yardney

Again Michael did not disappoint us.

This book gives all the details of how to become wealth through real estate investing. He started the first few chapters with the basics for beginners and gets deeper into details with each chapter. The topics are well organised to give a flow to the teachings.

With each chapter the information is thoroughly researched and easily presented in a simplified way.

Although the book is about ‘How to grow a multi-million dollar property portfolio in your spare time,’ it is not guaranteed that after reading it you will make millions. However the advice has been working in my real life.

I recommend this book to those who are planning to get into real estate and also those who want to get the knowledge on how to maximise profits from real estate.

Readers must note that the researches and principles are based on Australian economic environment.

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Silence (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

With a loud cry of joy

They celebrated my birth

With a loud cry of sorrow

They mourned my death

To no purpose was all undertaken

Only dead silence stares right at us

Why is man born in the first place?

At a lower price I was bought

At a higher price I am buried

What an investment I was

One that guarantees no profit

Six feet the dirt above me

Six plates of gold can do no better

I had no option but fate besides me

For I dine at the table of death

A luxury I could not afford

But came upon me like a last testament

Receive my soul oh Lord

Because I never meant to leave

Lucifer has won nothing as always

And Gabriel laughs at him

Compassion (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

For your sake I defied tradition

For your sake I have transgressed

For your sake I live an illusion

For your sake my heart is torn to pieces

Vengeance is never my goal

I recruit only the tender and good hearted

Ethics guide us through the mission

But for your sake we abandoned protocol

You a have a way to kill our minds

Captives in our own land we are

A happy family you have made us

Victims of a noble cause

The pain is sweet I swear

For joy we were used to

Wish us luck for we wish you none

Destiny has proven you wrong

A war in the making it is

One threatens with bow and arrow

We offer peace, unity and love

To conquer us is to unite us

Thank you Lord for the grace