Shooting Star (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

I had a sling and a few stones

With it I achieved a great lot in my childhood

Inspired by King David it became my true companion

Dare you threaten the life of an African child

One born in the greatest of struggles and troubles

For these are a normal reality of my fellow country men

Promise me a job and a career but leave the above intact

For without them all direction and purpose is lost

But my youth has shown me more cruel realities

My fantasies are outmatched and dreams slowly fading

They had made me a master of the wine bottle

My sling is long forgeten and in no shape

My siblings laugh at my situation and failure

Enough is enough I will restructure my life and goals

I will search for my very old sling

This time I will put no stone in it but hope

And will throw it where the shooting star drops