Begotten (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

My seed and am proud of it

Today marks a new era

It has sprung and alive

How more proud can i be?

But with no rain the future is uncertain

So much heat hits my seed

And with it a new experience

My fertiliser seems not to work

It listens no more

Ok. Am a patient man

But still after it grows

Its below par

What happened my son?

Why make me a desperate father?

Of all son’s Jesus was the only faithful

Father a man is but a man i reply

You can never own his soul or mind

Behold the mystery i unfold

One you have never experienced

It’s a new world with new rules

I have just began father

Never worry still wait for a harvest

Good or bad it’s guaranteed every year

Never cry my good farmer

It’s just part of the game.

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