Bonds of War by Wambalye Weikama

The Bonds of War is the story of two boys, whose lives intersect in the middle of a war that ravages Africa s heartland. Using the first-person narrative to powerful effect, The Bonds of War relives their story of unimaginable violence, suffering, cruelty and survival. The narrator, Jean Baptiste (JB) and his friend forge an unlikely bond as they fight to survive the madness around them. In this ambitious work of historical fiction, Wambalye Weikama delivers a fresh perspective that goes beyond the surface of what we know about the Rwandan genocide and the civil war it sparked in the Democratic Republic of Congo. At the heart of the story are many deep questions that bring us to reflect on the long term effects of violence, the resilience of the human spirit, and the promise of young love.

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Born and raised in Uganda, Wambalye Weikama attended college in the United States, where he earned his Master s degree in Technology Management from the University of Washington in Seattle. He currently lives and works in Kampala. Weikama is the author of African Son (2012). The Bonds of War is his second book.

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