Book Review: The Flinch by Julien Smith

Julien expressed an interesting theory, that is, human behavior can be altered by a ‘flinch.’ A flinch being the right negative force that drives a person to go in the direction intended. If a person know and understand the negative consequences, s/he will be compelled by instinct to change. When the subconscious know that it will be hurt by an action, it will resist that action.

He teaches that a person who wants to quit a bad habit can associate the habit with the negative hurting consequences. In this was the person will be compelled not to do it. In the say way a good habit can be formed by informing the mind of the negative hurting consequences of not taking the good actions.

The book is a good read, but I would not advise a person to follow all the teachings blindly. It sounds like a violent method of bringing change.

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