Book Review: The Greatness Manual by Rabison Shumba

This is one of the best motivational books that have come out of Zimbabwe.

Rabison presented the book in a professional way and with excellence. You can see that he took his time to ensure that each item in the book is in proper place.

Each chapter ends with ‘Points Points’ and ‘Affirmation Points’ to help the readers to sum up the most valuable ideas. A relevant quote from a famous person is also inserted at the bottom. This set up makes each chapter to stand out as a message. Hence reading the book is not boring at all. After all, the idea of the book is to read each chapter and contemplate on it.

This is an everyday book for everyone, a power pack of inspirational motivation.

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In Denial (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Just as it ended it began

A wave of desperate cries

One cares not how it will dissolve

From ancient times we heard tales

Like prophecy they face us with fire

Why do you dream at all fellow man

Of what benefit has revelation been to you

Leave the old folks to such foolishness

Like flowers we all wither from old age

So enjoy brother in your youth

Keep the accountability to Gods grace

For in time we are all just mere mortals

Run by a system we didn’t choose

Rebellion has been our inner truth

Even with all provided we still complained

So I make up my mind and curse

For no reason but I seem satisfied

Guide myself through violence

For the result is always the same as before

War between flesh and spirit

Vigilante (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

My father always told me to uphold the law

My conscious mind says otherwise

For the law is for the unwise and slaves

I found the guilty and convicted him

His whereabouts the law has no idea

A corpse craving to be discovered

Society mourns the rapist

With praises they burry him and weep

An illusion at every funeral gathering

God is puzzled with the hypocrisy for sure

Scratch my back and I pierce yours

Fate and destiny have their quarrel

Summer heat blows in our faces

Lawmakers give me a grin as I pass

They same law I use as my cornerstone

Yet I feel it has failed our community

At least half my cellmates are innocent

God’s judgement awaits me in the end

Sister Abigail (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

She woke up with a headache

Asked for a pint instead

I see rejection in her expressions

The law failing to enforce her rights

She took her long journey unprepared

Now she has return from the dead

A self imposed exile she endured

I see satisfaction in her eyes

A crime she has failed to hide from me

I won’t let the world have her I swear

Since birth it has done her wrong

The drug dealer is her best friend

With my own money she set herself ablaze

Now I guard the little conscious in her

Til fate do us no good

At Heaven’s Gate (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

I pray for your souls my beloved

For you forget the depth of your sins

In the past logic and tradition saved you

My laws and commandments you have broken

With a sorrowful face you knock at my gate

The jury is all against you as I weep

Why does mankind listen when told

It was never about you but I of course

Like prodigal sons yet behave like outcasts

Saints and the poor you have neglected

Knowledge and wisdom you denied

My wrath you claim is not for you

My mercy I have exhausted

One dares not get any closer to me

For salt and sugar make tea a nightmare

I thank myself for your existence

Yet weep upon thy destruction

My mighty hand is capable of both by the way

So stand strong and face what I present

Guilt has haunted your generation

Stop knocking at my golden gates.

Dialogue With A Serpent (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Born in a world of transgression

Taught by the best through starvation

In the dark I pray for my tribulation

My soul enjoys the melody of slavery

For it was the only option better than you

Before I trample on you I demand a smile

I demand that which you fail to attain

With a smooth strike you bite my ankle

Let’s have a chat before I die my sister

For both of us are orphans denied by them

Death can never be more welcome

From a saint to a fellow angel

After incarnation I become you of course

Am the vision and you my visionary

Carry out my last testament for it is good

Turn to your disciples and do likewise

My heart is full of joy and distortion

For with courage I have faced you

Book Review: Fortune how I got started – The Editors of Fortune Magazine

The book is a compilation of stories of entrepreneurs giving highlights on how they started their businesses. The entrepreneurs are from a diverse background, operate different types businesses and they started in all sorts of ways.

The book groups the entrepreneurs into seven sections as follows;

  1. Eureka moment. These grew their businesses by a discovery.
  2. Friends and family. Grew the business with the help of friend and family members.
  3. Grow what you know. These grew their businesses using special know of the product or industry.
  4. Think like a customer. They grew the business with the help of customers.
  5. The power of your people. They expanded using franchising.
  6. Selling on a shoestring. They had to do some tricks to increase sales.
  7. These had businesses that took a long time to turn around.

If you are an entrepreneur, these inspirational stories will give you hope that you can make it. These are real stories from real people who made it.

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Nameless (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

In the face of destruction we smiled

When we had no joy we laughed

Incase you did not know we forgave you

And now we dwell in your ignorance

Show us hatred and we will accept

The result being your own desolation

We smile more when you conquer nobleness

And now our young one’s are in belwederment

For trust of you we got rid off

We walk like giants indeed

Talk like tyrants for sure

David and Goliath we observed

But faith of a mustard seed we have

In drought we fight the lack of moisture

And in the rain we withhold our struggle

Our tribe embrace races and originality

In our minds we take heed of culture

Innocent people will call us

Your dark secrets we shall laugh at

In the name of humanity we cast you out

By way of reason we accept you

Now watch and learn

For we have conquered you

The definition of innocence we are

For we defy all hatred

Book Review: How we bought a 24-unit apartment for (almost) no money down by Brandon Turner

In this small book Brandon tells his story on how he bought the 24 unit apartment for almost no money down.

It is an inspirational story for those who are interested in real estate or business. In the story one thing led to another and most of it is by coincidence. His story show some creativity in desperate situations.

I liked the book especially that you finish it in one read.

The down side of the book is that it looks like a marketing booklet for other products. However he did it very well.

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The Brethren (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

With a cold shoulder he stares

In my understanding he is game

A victim of oneself I am

Like a Jaguar I patiently watch him

A trap I set for his own good

And felony is the result am sure

Never yourself in a lifetime

Should you forgive your own sins

For one greater still accounts for them

Now let us feast to our own destruction

Our righteousness locked in a dark room

With our disturd minds we laugh

Fate is still watching us with sorrow

Wish me luck brethren I declare

For I have run out of it