Book Review: The Power Of Praying: Through The Bible by Stormie Omartian

Stormie compiled a good small book for deviation and meditation. The contents consist of only scriptures, grouped together for easy reference. It does not have chapters per say but each page has a title and verses that go along with the title. You can read the book in any situation; when having a quiet time or when praying over the scriptures.

I have the hard copy of the book. It is small making it easy to carry it around in your pocket or handbag.

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Mothers Weeping (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

So all I did was labour for nothing

The seed I begot is an eyesore to mankind

What have I done to deserve such hatred among men

All resources I provided from the little I had

Hoping a proud harvest I was about to reap

Like a failed business venture I cry over my loss

For shame and disgrace you have put upon me

This environment is nothing but a treacherous plot

Governed by rights that shadow our very own culture

I carry my basket upon my head every day for you

For in prison decent food you are lacking

Like a sad hymn I walk to your rescue with hope

All I taught you was in vain my child

Proof that your generation is faithless and evil

The capitalist economy was never meant for lazy you

The faster it come the quicker it’s taken from you

At least I got rid of your murder weapon in good time

Be glad your sentence is not a lifetime

Still more I weep til my eyes get dry

My Dear I (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Like a fallen angel I walk the earth

So far destiny has guaranteed my death

Memories of the heavens linger in my head

A rebellious act that repentance for save

Noble men I corrupt so they share my trouble

My long term goals have been shortened by fate

So why exist to envy other disturbed men

Like a fisherman I cast my net wide enough

My victims seem not to perceive the way out

Ignorant like a bat I still fly in the day

Hoping I can master the great art of daylight

For my punisher has no regard for my wellbeing

Embrace those alive and weep for the conquered

For one is born craving destruction and agony

A demon they call me on earth

And saints cast me out in times of peace

Who is worthy to open the sacred scroll

The earth is my turf as the lord trample me

My master himself the biggest coward

That’s why I have pity on none but myself

Book Review: Wild at Heart by John Eldredge

The book goes deep into the heart of a man and address hidden issues that are not discussed every day.

John expressed a man’s life as a masculine journey of adventure. However the hearts of men are hurt as they grow up. This becomes the sources of challenges for men. Henceforth men have questions that other men seem not to have answers. Healing is necessary for restoration to the wholeness that God intended.

The down side of the book is that it is big and it takes time and discipline to finish reading it.

I recommend this book to any man and to women who want to understand the heart of a man.

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Wind Breaker (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Like the moon he still shines

Shadows of hope he shall cast upon you

A predator patiently waiting for its pray

Deadly and vicious like the hot Sahara

Through all four seasons he remains calm

Like fire and ice he has no true identity

His deeds reveal so much about his mission

But people love and still respect him

For without him the society is absolute chaos

Bankruptcy and debt are his nature

Yet no man dares stand and put him to trial

For he built the house you live in

Your own children look to him for inspiration

Capitalism at its best in a morden society

Work or suffer Poverty’s fate

Thank God for his provision

For without him your basics will disappear

When the storm is rough and the wind blows

He stands a permanent shield

That’s why they call me the wind breaker

Book Review: The Greatness Manual by Rabison Shumba

This is one of the best motivational books that have come out of Zimbabwe.

Rabison presented the book in a professional way and with excellence. You can see that he took his time to ensure that each item in the book is in proper place.

Each chapter ends with ‘Points Points’ and ‘Affirmation Points’ to help the readers to sum up the most valuable ideas. A relevant quote from a famous person is also inserted at the bottom. This set up makes each chapter to stand out as a message. Hence reading the book is not boring at all. After all, the idea of the book is to read each chapter and contemplate on it.

This is an everyday book for everyone, a power pack of inspirational motivation.

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In Denial (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Just as it ended it began

A wave of desperate cries

One cares not how it will dissolve

From ancient times we heard tales

Like prophecy they face us with fire

Why do you dream at all fellow man

Of what benefit has revelation been to you

Leave the old folks to such foolishness

Like flowers we all wither from old age

So enjoy brother in your youth

Keep the accountability to Gods grace

For in time we are all just mere mortals

Run by a system we didn’t choose

Rebellion has been our inner truth

Even with all provided we still complained

So I make up my mind and curse

For no reason but I seem satisfied

Guide myself through violence

For the result is always the same as before

War between flesh and spirit

Vigilante (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

My father always told me to uphold the law

My conscious mind says otherwise

For the law is for the unwise and slaves

I found the guilty and convicted him

His whereabouts the law has no idea

A corpse craving to be discovered

Society mourns the rapist

With praises they burry him and weep

An illusion at every funeral gathering

God is puzzled with the hypocrisy for sure

Scratch my back and I pierce yours

Fate and destiny have their quarrel

Summer heat blows in our faces

Lawmakers give me a grin as I pass

They same law I use as my cornerstone

Yet I feel it has failed our community

At least half my cellmates are innocent

God’s judgement awaits me in the end

Sister Abigail (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

She woke up with a headache

Asked for a pint instead

I see rejection in her expressions

The law failing to enforce her rights

She took her long journey unprepared

Now she has return from the dead

A self imposed exile she endured

I see satisfaction in her eyes

A crime she has failed to hide from me

I won’t let the world have her I swear

Since birth it has done her wrong

The drug dealer is her best friend

With my own money she set herself ablaze

Now I guard the little conscious in her

Til fate do us no good

At Heaven’s Gate (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

I pray for your souls my beloved

For you forget the depth of your sins

In the past logic and tradition saved you

My laws and commandments you have broken

With a sorrowful face you knock at my gate

The jury is all against you as I weep

Why does mankind listen when told

It was never about you but I of course

Like prodigal sons yet behave like outcasts

Saints and the poor you have neglected

Knowledge and wisdom you denied

My wrath you claim is not for you

My mercy I have exhausted

One dares not get any closer to me

For salt and sugar make tea a nightmare

I thank myself for your existence

Yet weep upon thy destruction

My mighty hand is capable of both by the way

So stand strong and face what I present

Guilt has haunted your generation

Stop knocking at my golden gates.