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Life at the Compound by Tichafa Tsiga

Life at the compound is centred on life as it happens in a typical farm village. There is the abusive nature and manipulation of employees by the authorities, which is seen propagating to their followers. The senior employees are seen doing the same particularly the masculine exploiting and abusing their female employees because of their positions. This goes to even affect the children due to lack of care by those who should be seen doing so.

Corruption reared its ugly head as would be seen by the incarceration of farm teachers by farm authorities leading to their union dumping them at the eleventh hour due to money exchanging hands.

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Author Bio

My name is Tichafa Tsiga born in 1970, 09 June in Mutoko, Zimbbwe. I went to Katsukunya secondary school. In 2005 i graduated from DMC Hotel Training centre. I worked for Spur Steak ranches from 1997 to 2012 in Harare. Currently i am working for a Catering company as a catering manager.

Life at the compound is my first book.

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The Blessing of Queen by Esjay C. Moore

As a ‘blessed woman’, QUEEN’s life is embellished with expensive gifts and luxury, offered by a handful of powerful men in exchange for her time. Secretly, she yearns for the simplicity of the life once snatched from her, as she struggles to make sense of her life.

Finding herself at a critical crossroad facing potentially deadly consequences, QUEEN must overcome her fears to change her destiny. Can she re-discover her real self, and possibly find love along the way.

South African author Esjay C. Moore captures your attention with an easy-to-read contemporary romance. Moore’s writing style is both descriptive and fluid, sending you on a roller-coaster of intense emotions.

Written with a distinctly South African flavour Moore’s stories provide an air of authenticity to the characters. Written for mature young adults, the plot would appeal to all that may identify with the desperate protagonist’s quest to escape abuse and find true love.

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Author Bio

Esjay C. Moore was born in Durban on the east coast of South Africa, where she still currently resides. South Africa is a country with a rich heritage and diverse cultural heritage which makes for interesting content.

Having completed a dissertation for a Masters in Law, Moore’s fingers itched to continue typing. Finally, she gave up the nagging urge and began putting ideas to ‘paper’ which became “The Blessing of Queen”. The socio-political issues in South Africa tend to have deeper impacts on the women in society, and Esjay felt this provided a niche to address these circumstances through fiction writing.

The protagonist in her stories is invariably a young woman who through circumstance finds herself living an undesirable life. The truth of the story is women are strong, and it is only through determination that they can rise to achieve their dreams. Of course, classified as a Contemporary Romance, each story includes a tasteful morsel of lust and a promise of love.

Moore’s writing style is both descriptive and fluid, sending you on a roller-coaster of heartfelt emotions, yet easy-to-read novellas. Chapters are laced with cheeky fantasy, stained by the influence of a sordid society and hemmed with the flirtatious promise of romance.

Moore’s stories have a distinctly South African flair giving an air of authenticity. Written for mature young adults, the plot would appeal to all that may identify with the troubled protagonist.

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Crooked Line by Bishop Raphael Koopman

Crooked Line challenges the current South African Regime in their application of Democracy. Has Democracy worked in South Africa as it has in the rest of the world? Is Afro-democracy simply failing due to the greed and selfish nature of African Leaders? Indeed South Africans were warned by the late Nelson Mandela when he asked citizens to respond similarly to the ANC government as was to the White minority regime in view of the potential, and now real threat the once Liberators are causing.

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Bishop Raphael Koopman is a man of God, qualified and ordained to the Ministry. He speaks out fearlessly against all injustices everywhere, as is clear in his writing.

The Bishop is married with five children and resides at the moment in South Africa. He speaks and motivates others, host various camp meetings and special events throughout the Country and abroad.

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Speed Reading: Fast Reading for Fast Results by Amber Rich

Do you want to read 3 books a week?

You are a slow reader, but you want to be able to read a 200-page book in a day?

You feel frustrated because you quickly forget everything you learned after finishing a book?

Do you want to know what are the good ways to read more and how read more effectively?

It seems that everything is simple: speed reading offers an ability to quickly read a large number of words per minute. But it’s a quite simple meaning. The speed reading process is much more difficult. The essence of speed reading is that it helps to filter out the unnecessary and select the essentially new and valuable for the reader, while providing a full understanding and quality assimilation of what is read. This is an activity during which the reader compares the facts, analyzes and acquires new knowledge. By correctly applying the speed reading skill, you can get a higher quality memorization of what you’re reading. That’s why, in this book, we’ll review the skill of speed reading as a complex phenomenon and you’ll improve your memorizing, reading and comprehension skills in a short time.

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Author Bio

Amber Rich is a personal development coach with over 7 years of professional experience. Amber believes that people have the power to change their lives and become better versions.

Amber says: “The main idea of life is to feel the satisfaction and be happy. Happiness is an indicator that tells you whether you’re moving in the right direction or you should stop and change the route”. Amber’s mission is to renew people’s mind, motivate and inspire them become more positive, happy and successful.

Amber received her Ph.D. in Psychology from Pennsylvania University.

She lives in New York City with her family.

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House of Grace by Jurgen Troy Namupira

House of Grace is a gospel anthology motivated by divine grace which is the main theme. Every poem in the anthology is introduced by a biblical verse to give the poem a greater biblical meaning.

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About The Author

Jurgen Troy Namupira is a young and enthusiastic Zimbabwean boy based in South Africa studying along the way. He was born in the year 1996 and grew up in Zimbabwe.

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My Words In Volumes – Emotions of A Poet by Musa Gift Masombuka

Have you ever felt that the world inside you is building up into a bitter taste? Has life to you seem to be very promising but at the end the ends couldn’t meet? Have you been spiritually abused? Is life starting to become your worst nightmare and the people closer to you seem to be invisible because you are too absorbed in your thoughts? Is your rosy garden filled with thorns that pricks at you every time happy moments strike? Is life to you becoming more like a daydream dressed like a nightmare, wishing that you could one day wake up and find the storm all over? Are you suffering the emotional torture and life to you has started to be meaningless? How do you feel? Do you have some magic moments you would like to share but do not know how to express them in words? Are you a cupid spreading love to others and want to express it more in a poesy way? Are stuck in a middle of a love struck and would like to get over it? Do you have reminiscent memories that are sheer than the shining moon and beautiful like the night sky full of stars? Life can be wonderful sometimes.

Are you still struggling to forgive and forget about the apartheid leap that has drenched the blood of fellow South Africans? Have you travelled and lived in your friend’s souls and would like to express your emotions about what you experienced? Are you a man of nature and has a thing for the animals and creatures? Do you appreciate your life and very thankful for as long as you breathe? Have you seen the struggle of life? Those horrifying moments when everyone has turned the back on you and felt like you are in your own planet of troubles and helplessness? Have you ever sat down and looked at life from a different angle and see things that not everyone could ever see? Has that helped you enough to can confess that you understand life much better?

Poetry marks one of the shortest ways to express thoughts and emotions, it has been divided into a wide of ranges where writers express themselves in different emotions and situations. Poets put their pens on the paper to console their emotions and also to send us an important message about their experiences in life, they are our messengers of life. Poets and writers have always been regarded as the titanium towers because their souls are undefeatable for they find healing and rehabilitation in their writings. Writing also serves as a big part of the rehabilitation process. No matter how you feel, this book is designed for you with emotions and moments to share.

My Words In Volumes – Emotions Of A Poet has been written for everyone with a troubled soul. It is a book that will help you deal with all your solutions by healing your soul while making you strong. It is again aimed to teach you the important lessons of life and prepares you to all the walks of life. The poems has been carefully selected and well penned for you to get the message while healing your broken soul.

My Words In Volumes – Emotions Of A Poet is well written poetry book with 50 poems that explores emotions of a poet from his personal; public; social and economic experience. It is suited for both school and personal read. It explores different poetic structures; themes and techniques. It’s contents consists of 50 poems; foreword by Indian poet Diapayan Nair; Foreword by English Language and Literature lecture of Chandikol University Prof. Rajendra K. Padhi. It is a best book you’ll ever read.

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About The Author

Musa Gift Masombuka-born on 1st April 1998, bred in Siyabuswa and grew up at Regae township in Marble Hall, South Africa. First son on his mother’s and last on his father’s side. Went to Mohlah-lane Primary school and Majatladi Secondary school. Published poet at an early age of 15, he published two anthologies and a short story book. He is a writer of mixed genres but mostly based on poetry, he also wrote a novel titled Family Riots which was lost by a good friend of him during the typing procedure. He is an arts activities group leader at his community. A SATMA Awards Best Poet nominee of 2014, Young Writers Awards finalist of 2016 for Best Poet with “The Collected Poems”. Musa has explored South Africa through his writings, reciting poems and accompanying performing artists of his community. He also works as an agent for most of his underground artists whom are dreaming of light, to promote and help them get their talents exposed to the world. He calls his promoting project “Musa Gift Masombuka Artworks” where is working with people like Fana Sooka; Tumelo Ngobeni and Thabang Makena.

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Beneath the Silver Rainbow by M Shah-Luchey

We cannot ruin the fruit within these pages. We cannot spoil it.

But we can tell you it’s quite a journey. Leanora wants to tell you about what happened to her in the eighth grade. She wants to tell you about float time. She wants to discuss motherhood and love. Join her on her journey!

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About The Author

Author M. Shah-Luchey is the breakout author of Beneath the Silver Rainbow. She writes and enjoys the spoils of the Finger Lakes region of New York where she calls home. Please visit the author website at for more details.

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Boomerang by Temba Magorimbo

Kangira loves the woods. With a tree stuck between his knees, his piercing short handle axe like tool working, his files and other equipment he creates stunning carvings that even the white ruling class come down to his rural home to see. There is a clash when his uncles the chief passes away. According to their customs and culture, Kangira is the next in line but someone else side steps him and claims the crown.

Disappointed, he moves homes down about a hundred kilometres away to start his own clan. Years later he is ailing. Who fathered Richmond adopted by Kangira’s son and a young man who is at home in carpentry and wood carving as well? Why is there such a coincidence?

There is a young lady called Judith in love with Wallace. But why does a man dump a young and lovely wife hundreds of kilometres away in a rural enclave where the facilities are just basic for two years almost. She loses her pregnancy. Years later who is responsible when she falls pregnant in the absence of Wallace?

Judith’s daughter is called Ndanatsiwa. She grows to cause a family circus and furore. She is pregnant at fourteen of a young boy aged nineteen who melts when the fire gets hot. Later on she is into her early thirties and unmarried when she meets Richmond. She worries about Richmond’s past.

One of Kangira’s blood brothers has a son who likes to remind Richmond that he is out of contention in the family will. Ndanatsiwa has a relative or a friend who is spilling out all the beans each time she has a serious date who starts considering marriage. She consoles her misfortunes in her friend Lydia Shashe who is a ravishingly beautiful nursing sister with a degree. Ndanatsiwa is a legal practitioner.

She falls out with Richmond. There is a party, someone has had too much to drink and they berate Richmond on his bachelor status at his age and that he is not of the Kangira family, he was adopted. The cats fly out of the bag and the skeletons out of the closets. Another drunkard pin points the paternal and maternal side of Richmond.

What a firework?

Now that Richmond knows his past and Ndanatsiwa stumbles on her paternity, will it change their future?

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About the Author

Temba Magorimbo was born on 09 August 1966, Tuesday in the then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in Gwelo (then) now Gweru. His father was a British South Africa Police (BSAP) officer from 1960 to 1977 while his mother was a housewife. He grew up circulating Gwelo’s police camps like Mkoba, Mutapa, Old Camp and Monomutapa as the family moved residences until he started school in 1973 at Bumburwi Primary in Mkoba for a term. The family moved to Senga from 2nd term 1973 until he concluded his primary education in 1979. He did his high school briefly (two weeks) at Nashville High in Gweru before moving to Ascot in 1980 until 1983. He is currently married to Itayi with whom they have two daughters. He is a government bursar since 1989.

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A Teaspoon of Death by Sarthak Khurana

The defense ministers of three enemy countries, China, USA, and Russia, have been murdered simultaneously on the same night. The countries suspect each other and are preparing for war without a defense minister, a war which would inevitably lead to a world war.

Wilston Sebastian, a mastermind criminal who operates from the the most secure jail, is accused to be the cause of the global unrest. The popular opinion is to put him, forth the victim counties and delay the war. But the judge, being an old friend of Wilston, doesn’t go with the popular opinion. He, instead, gives Wilston three days to solve three continental murders from his cell. He sends out his trusted friend and a warden of the jail, to further investigate the murders. But that doesn’t prove to be of any help. Instead, they fall deeper into the dark plots of their antagonists. The tables of odds turn against them every time they seem to progress.

Will Wilston Sebastian be able to prove his innocence and stop the war that would be the end of humanity?

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