Her Heart by Tumelo Moleleki

Destiny has a way of bringing people together….

Tseko was looking at the portrait intently. It vividly captured the personalities of the beings depicted there: a pretty white girl, whose hair was held by a beautiful black woman, and a man of confidence who was facing away. She admired the hands, whose brush gave it color and life.

The man in the picture was her brother, Moatli, the master of the house, a man she barely knew because he was eleven years older than her, and he was sent abroad for his studies so she rarely saw him. The woman holding the hair of the white woman was his wife, Eletseha. She lived within the vicinity of the farm but not in the house of her brother, and she wondered why. The pretty white woman on the foreground was Nell, who interestingly shared some of Tseko’s physical traits. In fact, there was a striking resemblance between them. The only difference was the color of their skin, although for a Mosotho woman Tseko was fair by standards—the color of coffee.

She lived in the servants’ quarters with Dira, a girl for whom she had an unusual affection. She was new there, and Dira had been staying there all her life. Her facial features were familiar. She somehow saw it in her brother and…herself.

Each one was connected to the other. And as the mystery of this family unraveled, their lives abruptly changed with each piece of revelation that tore their hearts. But with each tear shed, the bond between them strengthened.

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About the Author

Born and raised in South Africa, Tumelo Moleleki developed her passion for writing stories at a young age. She works as an IT consultant to earn her living and to finance her writing.

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His Joy by Tumelo Moleleki

His joy is the 2nd book in the Her Heart series.

When Nell goes to Moatli’s grandmother’s home, in a village in the rural part of the country, she finds the living conditions there less than desirable. She has to learn the native tongue that is spoken by the family while at the same time discharging the traditional duties of being a Mosotho man’s new wife. ‘Malefa does not want to accept this makoti because she does not believe that she is suitable for her grandson. She pushes Nell to the breaking point and causes her to collapse. Can ‘Malefa see beyond Nell’s race to the person that she is? Can she appreciate that Nell is embracing their way of life even though she could walk away and that Moatli would not be able to make her stay? It is a story of love and forgiveness, a story of hope and the triumph of life over adversity.

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About the Author

Born and raised in South Africa, Tumelo Moleleki developed her passion for writing stories at a young age. She works as an IT consultant to earn her living and finance her writing.

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The Dry Tears of A Bleeding Child by Tumelo Moleleki

Elizabeth, along with her younger brother, Lawrence, is a virtual slave living on a farm owned by the Forsythes. She depends upon Charles Forsythe, her cruel master, for everything. He extends his hold over her by raping her and as a result she becomes pregnant. It is while she is in hospital giving birth that she glimpses a life that is possible beyond her miserable existence, mainly because of the kindness shown to her by a young white male nurse.

Elizabeth has nothing, and even the child, whom she has named Jordan after the young nurse, is taken from her by the Forsythes who rename her.

Her only hope is Charles’ mother, a kind lady who visits occasionally from England. Over time she realises the state of affairs and attempts to right the wrongs done to Elizabeth and her brother.

But Elizabeth is not free. A chance meeting with the nurse, now a doctor, again gives her a glimpse of a different kind of life, but a different fear holds her back. Will she ever be free and happy?

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About the Author

Born and raised in South Africa, Tumelo Moleleki developed her passion for writing stories at a young age. She works as an IT consultant to earn her living and finance her writing.

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The Spirit of The Optimist by Isaac Tlaka

The Spirit of the Optimist is a story told by Gemini Ramalahla whose hope for the best in his life got lost after he had failed to raise six thousand rand registration fee for his Social Work studies at the University of Limpopo. When he introduces himself to a certain guy by theme of Conscious whose biggest dream was to one day publish his poetry anthology, Gemini astonished him (Conscious) by the pessimism that he (Gemini) was characterized of, which was what Conscious condemned most. Therefore, along their friendship journey, Conscious never gave up on persuading dejected Gemini to retrieve his hope. As the story reaches through, Conscious’ poetry anthology got published that he even earned enough for the anthology he had compiled. Out of unselfishness he (Conscious) open heartedly granted Gemini with some of the money and told him that with it he could further his studies in order to realize his dream of becoming a Social Worker. So in this story, Gemini narrates about the pivotal role that his friend, Conscious played to end up realizing his dream of becoming a Social Worker. Gist of this fictional novel is Hope, which the author’s intention is to plant it to each and every spiritually fractured one. It also explores the theme of passion and hard work.

The book is written by Isaac Tlaka and published by STRONGMIND PRODUCTION IN WRITING (PTY) LTD, in April 2015.

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Inspired by Daniel Paul

Following his first successful and highly acclaimed book; ‘The Psychology of Success’ a 110 page motivational masterpiece that tackles issues such as how to define personal success, conditions that hinder your success, a dream that yields success, failure and the effects of failure and change that can make you successful. Author Daniel Paul returns once more with a highly inspirational book called Inspired. The book is a follow up of the first one and surpasses motivation.

The Psychology of Success was a book on dreams, desires and how to achieve them. It was a book that revitalized your once lost desire for success, but could not inspire you to carry on when you face challenging situations. We know before a dream is achieved, it passes through four stages. In the first stage the dream is conceived. After conception the dream is believed to be possible and achievable. In the third stage the dream faces consideration. In this stage (Consideration stage) the dreamer weighs with all possible discretion how he/she can approach success. In this stage the dream needs enough support so that when it comes into the real world the conditions and atmosphere faced does not choke it to death. When the dream is not prepared for it fails the moment it arrives into the real world.

Many of the dreams have died in this stage. With the book Inspired, Daniel gives you the right motivational tools that will inspire you to carry on in the face of challenges. This book will give you the right attitude you need to carry on in times of perilous circumstances. Daniel is also commended for writing the book with style that will enhance prowess in the face of challenges.


“I stand in awe of Daniel’s courage and determination. ‘Inspire’ is a warm, heartfelt, honest, tender and glowing book which I will certainly share with many of my personal invaluable, compassionate and spiritual harvest of redemptive insights that will both excite and challenge the reader. The affirming message of success in the book is a must read, a gem to be treasured. I have read this book cover to cover, put it down and was so moved that I could not speak for hours; it’s timeously poignant and every word rings with truth and kindness with a broader and more discerning brush that paints a vivid picture of how inspiration can take you through the pathway of success. I heartily recommend this book and its moving anecdotes to anyone wishing to get turbo-charged for greater success.” – Elijah Tembo: Brand Ambassador, Seasoned Speaker and Author of Flower of Achievement, Hope Changes Everything, Progressing in the Right Direction, The Business Devotional and O Level Commerce Course book.

The book is really straight to the point. Very readable….it’s easy to follow and understand of which one of the most important aspects a book should have is readability. It’s also very conversational. It’s like you’re actually talking to an individual and motivating them on a personal level. And the way it’s structured allows non-readers to give reading a try. It’s spaced out quite nicely. It’s not just one whole huge depressing chunk of writing. What’s in there is all a person needs to know. There is no unnecessary information that elongates the book for no reason. I found this easy to read and interesting. – Chenge Zvomuya I B.A University of Pretoria I Inspired Editorial Team Member.

For as long as you are alive, you will never be immune to the need for something that pushes you from where you are to where you need to be. One such way is when you glean on some-thing motivational. I find quotes being useful nuggets or building blocks for my own growth and improvement. There is one room you can never fill; it is called the room for improvement. Quotes you will find in this wonderful book will boost your confidence and show you clearly that you too are a candidate for success. Like the subtitle says, this book is about inspiration that you need every single day. I urge you to internalize these nuggets and use them daily. This is the kind of book you can buy in dozens to become a blessing to those around you. Do not hold onto inspiration; take part in the spreading of the inspiration fire around your sphere of influence. Daniel has given you a tool to grow your influence. Use it. – Rabison Shumba, Author, Speaker, Trainer, Business Consultant. Johannesburg, South Africa.

Book Target Audience

Who should read this book;

  • People who lost hope
  • Business owners & entrepreneurs
  • Leaders & Mentors
  • Coaches dealing with transforming people
  • People looking for success

Benefits from the book;

  • It helps build your self-confidence.
  • You are taught the actual steps to take.
  • It stimulates your creativity.
  • You are able to learn the success secrets of the masters.
  • It gets you motivated.
  • It teaches or reminds you on the right attitude to take.

Author Bio

Daniel entered the public speaking arena on a full time basis and formed his own company, Mindset Renewal Coaching Center. The company provides motivational materials, workshops, seminars, professional and personal development programmes aimed at individuals, companies and organizations.

Daniel is not only a renowned speaker but an Entrepreneur and CEO of Dillion Training International a corporate training, consultancy and; he is also the author of two highly acclaimed successful books, The Psychology Of Success and Motivation For Success And Progressing Beyond Limits. He is also a former motivational columnist with Witbank News and has done motivational talks around the country in Schools, Churches, Companies, including outside.

Daniel is one person whose focus is in understanding and stimulation human potential, utilizing powerful delivery and newly emerging insights to teach, inspire and channel people to new levels of achievements.

Book Interview

Question: What made you decide to write a book?

Answer: I was motivated by passion to see people successful, in other words I can say it was somewhat spiritual and psychological encounter. I was compelled by love of personal success.

Question: What inspired you to write this book?

Answer: It was the love of God that constrained and motivated me. We a know where to start. So, I wanted to simply lay a solid and simple to grasp foundation that even the common man can find easy to amass.

Question: Challenges faced along the way.

Answer: I didn’t face any challenges I can recall. I learned from former successful writers, so, my path was smooth.

Question: The future of this book:

There are so many plans for this book and I tell you it’s going to be first in the literature world. I am aiming to have the book reach even the presidential table. The path is lean though, but through assistance and insights from my fellow writers I know we can make it. This book is a beginning of a new error of Personal Success.

Question: Any other book or books in the pipeline:

Answer: I do have other books coming by all talking about success. There is a follow up to this one titled, “The Psychology of Leadership Success”. This book is a professional coaching tool to leaders in order for them to be successful leaders. It also paves way to defining and distinguishing between a leader, a manager and a boss.

Another one is ‘Wounded Yet Hopeful’. This book is a motivational work and speaks about finding hope after being wounded. My inspiration on this book is myself.

Question: How long it took to write this book:

Answer: Well this is a master-class manual of success, and when you are trying to engage people into believing that it’s not in the money to be successful but in the mind, you cannot craft it in days like what other authors claim to have done their work. For me it took me almost two month.

Question: What you want people to take away from the book:

Answer: I want people to take away a mindful thought that their own lives is in their own heads. They should learn to use the mind as an organ to think about ways to be successful. I also want them to understand that success is a process not a one day thing.

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The Black Man In The White People’s Yard By Sam Nkogatse

This is a tale of Joy Hills, a wife, mother and doctor by profession. Dr. Joy Hills, as his patients often called, was married to a Mr. Elliot Hills, a Pharmacist. The two were a happy family, blessed with two kids; Monica and her brother, Sebastian. Like most love tales that seem to never end with a “happily ever after” theirs too was short- lived. Apparently Joy sought comfort in the hands and between bed covers of the Hill’s gardener, Steven Khalo, a black man. Soon after finding out that Steven was not only watering their roses and lilies, Mr. Hill lost it…he killed Steven…

The Black man in the White people’s yard is a fictional read not based on real life events and persons although many can come to relate to the story line. This is a tale of love and deception and everything else in between. It explores the sensitive issue of temptations, trust, honest and dignity between partners in a relationship. It further highlights the consequences of cheating or being an unfaithful partner in a relationship. In the course of the story we take a look at Joy’s life. She ends up divorcing her husband while still jailed for the murder of their gardener. In the coming chapters we will be exposed to how she gets to deal with her divorce. We also go back a bit to Joy’s life while she was still at school and how she lived in her teen years.

The plot of the story unfolds and comes to life around some of the familiar surroundings of Pretoria, Johannesburg and Bronkhorspruit, and other places in South Africa. As for the unknown mentioned places across the story, they are used by the author to add or spice up the plot while creating a good story set. These other places do not exist. The book in itself although it makes reference to race, it is not intended to promote racism and violence but rather to tell of a romance tragedy that happened to be across color lines. Irrespective of how the plot pens out, the theme the author seeks, centered on the theme of Ubuntu/ humanness, no matter the circumstances.

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Manage Your Productivity by Amber Rich

Do you want to be successful, but you don’t know how?

What if I told you that you can be successful using just one skill? A skill that allows you to get amazing results and also enjoy life. I’m talking about productivity.

All successful people are very, very productive. They don’t spend time and energy on useless things. Now is the best time to learn how to be more productive and efficient and finally how to be successful.

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Author Bio

I’m Amber Rich. I am happy – I have a husband and wonderful children. In addition, I am successful in my profession. I’m a psychologist and personal development coach. After working for years, I had built up a collection of simple and effective tips – and finally decided to write a book. I want to share many of my own my knowledge and experiences with you because it will help you to solve a lot of problems and improve your life. I like to draw and do yoga and I have a big dream – I want to visit 100 countries!

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Sell More and Better, Eternal Sales Techniques Beyond Internet by Raúl Sánchez Gilo

An original commercial fiction that help to learn the eternal sales techniques to succeed, changing the way you think about selling.

Addressed to beginners and experts of any level. Anyone in sales will find inspiration and motivation in this unique literary experience for having excellent sales results.

Discover in an entertaining way how to sell more and better with an entertaining book, easy and quick to read.

Who said that all books about sales are boring? Finally, a book on the art and science of selling that is funny, mixing fiction and nonfiction to discover the main concepts and fundamentals of selling. A trip to the past to find surprising relations among the concepts, full of principles, ideas and much humor.

After the success of the Spanish version, now it is available the English edition, a must-read for the millions of salesmen, entrepreneurs, traders, exporters, businessmen, marketing and sales professionals, start-ups and students.

If you sell, or want to sell more and better, this book is for you. Take control of your career and exceed your targets.

Start now to differentiate yourself, download the book now and get results today!

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Author Bio

Raúl Sánchez Gilo is a Spanish engineer, traveller, salesman and writer. And not necessarily in that order. Thanks to his long experience in exporting to more than 60 countries, throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Eastern Europe, the author now shares the secrets to success in sales in his first book. The author will address other related topics in his subsequent works.

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Gifts From Nature by Jeremy Kinney

Do you want to be naturally healthy? You’ll be surprised to find out that the most powerful healing tools are accessible to virtually everyone, for free! Nature provides the best medicine but you won’t hear that because everyone is trying to sell you their inferior products. Like plants, a separation from nature causes us to degenerate. The solution – accept nature’s gifts that have been sustaining mankind since the dawn of history.

In Gifts From Nature, you’ll discover:

  • How to easily access an infinite supply of antioxidants for free!
  • How to build strong bones, the immune system, and elevate mood, by doing almost nothing!
  • How to get some of the healthiest foods for free!
  • How to dramatically improve your health while you sleep!
  • And much more.

In the US we pay more than any other country for healthcare, yet we rank among the lowest of industrialized nations in life expectancy. The most deadly diseases are idiopathic, meaning doctors don’t know what causes the disease. With morbidity at an all time high, it’s obvious the expensive, and sometimes dangerous, treatments from the conventional medical system are lacking. It has never been more important to get back to nature. Nature is the missing key to good health!

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Author Bio

Jeremy Kinney is a health advocate, an independent thinker, and an avid researcher for truth and knowledge. At a young age he discovered powerful information in books that wasn’t widely known. He has been on a journey ever since learning about personal development, monetary principles, health and wellness, and any other topic related to improving himself and making the world a better place. Jeremy is the founder of www.TheAwarenessRevolution.com, where he pursues his passion and shares his knowledge to help others. He lives in Orlando, Florida.

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