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This amazing coaching tool for authors is available to you for free. The author, John Museredzo has put in place this resource for all who desire to publish their material. You are welcome to contact him directly vie email, WhatsApp, or phone.

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ISBN Agencies Worldwide

One of the most FAQ by new authors is how and where can I get the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for my book.

Here is a list of the official organisations in various countries (and contact details) that issues ISBN numbers. Note that some countries charge a small fee for the number. I hope this will help.

If your country is not on the list or if the details have changed please let us know.



Organization: ISBN Agency – Thorpe Bowker

Address: Level One, 607 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria, 3004

Phone 1: (+61 3) 8517 8349, Fax 1: (+61 3) 8517 8399

Email:, Web:

Contact Name: Ms Maria Watt



Organization: Botswana National Library Service

Address: National Reference Library, P/ Bag 0036, Gaborone

Phone 1: (+267) 370 4413, Phone 2: (+267) 395 2397, Fax 1: (+267) 390 1149

Email:, Web:

Contact Name: Mr Matlho Tamocha



Address: Head of Deposit Depart. Egyptian National Library, Kornish el Nile, Ramelt Bolaq, Cairo

Phone 1: (+20 2) 2575 0886, Phone 2: (+20 2) 2575 1078, Fax 1: (+20 2) 357589547


Contact Name: 1 Prof Abd El Nasser Hassan

Contact Name: 2 Alaa Hassan



Organization: Ghana Library Authority

Address: George Padmore Research Library, on African Affairs, P.O. Box GP2970, Accra

Phone 1: (+233) 244 764505, Phone 2: (+233) 242 174209


Contact Name: 1 Mr. Robert Aryee

Contact Name: 2 Mrs. Rebecca Akita



Organization: Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN

Address: Ministry of Human Resource Development, Room No. 13, 4th Floor, Jeevan Deep Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi-110001

Phone 1: (+91-11) 23369668

Email:, Web:

Contact Name: Ms Aparna Sharma



Address: Kenya National Library Services, P.O. BOX 30573 – 00100 GPO, Nairobi

Phone 1: (+254 20) 2158359, Phone 2: (+254 20) 7786710, Fax 1: (+254 20) 2158352

Email:, Web:

Contact Name: Philomena Mwirigi



Address: The National University of Lesotho Library, P.O. Roma 180, Maseru, Lesotho

Phone 1: (+266) 22340601, Phone 2: (+266) 28340777, Fax 1: (+266) 22340000


Contact Name: 1 Mr. William Mokotjo

Contact Name: 2 Ntemana Tsoenyo

Contact Name: 3 Ntate Willie



Address: National Archives of Malawi, Senior Assistant Librarian, Mkulichi Road, Zomba, P.O. Box 62, Zomba.

Phone 1: (+265 1) 525 240


Contact Name: 1 Mr Robert Mkuwira

Contact Name: 2 Innocent Mankhwala



Address: Mongolian Book Publishers’ Association, 1st floor, Room 101, Inter Office Building, Amar’s Street 2, Sukhbaatar District. P.O. Box-92, Ulaanbaatar 14200

Phone 1: (+976) 70100903, Fax 1: (+976) 70100903


Contact Name: Tsengelmaa Batjargal


New Zealand

Organization: Bureau ISBN

Address: CB, Erasmusweg 10, 4104 AK Culemborg

Phone 1: (+31 345) 475 855, Phone 2: (+31 345) 475 847

Email:, Web:

Contact Name: 1 Lianne Spithoven-Gerritsen

Contact Name: 2 Margot Kersaan



Address: National Bibliographic Control Dept, National Library of Nigeria, Plot 274 Sanusi-Dantata House, Central Business District, P.M.B. 1, Garki, Abuja.

Phone 1: (+234) 8023673714

Email:, Web:

Contact Name: Mrs. Anthonia Onuoha



Address: National Library of Pakistan, Sector G-5, Constitution Avenue, Islamabad – 44000

Phone 1: (+92 51) 920 2549, Phone 2: (+92 51) 920 7456, Fax 1: (+92 51) 922 13 75

Email:, Web:

Contact Name: Mr. Syed Ghyour Hussain



Address: The National Library of the Philippines, TM Kalaw St, P.O Box 2926, Ermita Manila 1000

Phone 1: (+ 63 2) 310 50 32, Phone 2: (+ 63 2) 336 72 00, Fax 1: (+63 2) 524 23 29

Email:, Web:

Contact Name: 1 Ms. Nina Fronda (Chief, Bibliographic Services Division), Email:

Contact Name: 2 Ms. Eusebia M. Accad (Assistant Chief, Bibliographic Services Division)


South Africa

Address: The National Library of South Africa, Private Bag X990, Pretoria 0001

Phone 1: +27 (0) 12 401 9718, Phone 2: +27 (0) 12 401 9776, Fax 1: +27 (0) 12 325 5984

Email:, Web:



Address: University of Swaziland Libraries, Special Collections, Private Bag 4, Kwaluseni

Phone 1: (+268) 25170 170, Fax 1: (+268) 25170 001

Email:, Web:

Contact Name: Mr. Abahle Thwala



Organization: National Bibliographic Agency

Address: Director General, Tanzania Library Services Board, P.O. Box 9283, Dar es Salaam

Phone 1: (+255 22) 21500 48, Phone 2: (+255 22) 21500 49, Fax 1: (+255 22) 2151100, Fax 2: (+255 22) 2151107

Email:, Web:

Contact Name: Ms. Emily Emmanuel Meshack



Address: National Library of Uganda, Plot 50, Buganda Road, P.O. Box 4262, Kampala, Uganda

Phone 1: +256 414 233633, Phone 2: +256 414 254661, Fax 1: +256 414 348625

Email:, Web:

Contact Name: 1 Daniel Osinde

Contact Name: 2 Barbra Apolot


United Kingdom and Ireland

Organization: Nielsen Book – ISBN Agency

Address: Midas House, 3rd Floor, 62 Goldsworth Road, Woking, Surrey GU21 6LQ

Phone 1: +44 (0) 1483 712 215, Fax 1: +44 (0) 1483 712 214

Email:, Web:

Contact Name: Ms Diana Dalasini


United States of America

Organization: R.R. Bowker, LLC – US ISBN Agency

Address: 630 Central Ave. New Providence, NJ 07974

Phone 1: (+1) 877-310-7333, Phone 2: (+ 1) 888-269 5372, Fax 1: (+1) 908 795 3518

Email:, Web:

Contact Name: John Purcell



Address: Booksellers & Publishers Association of Zambia, P.O. Box 51109, Lusaka

Phone 1: (+260) 977 746477, Phone 2: (+260 1) 253 952


Contact Name: Ms Dongo Banda



Organization: National Archives of Zimbabwe

Address: Causeway, Private Bag 7729, Harare

Phone 1: (+263 4) 792 741 x3, Fax 1: (+263 4) 792 398


Contact Name: 1 Mr Kudakwashe Tonhodzai

Contact Name: 2 Wendy Mubariri


Gamalami Technologies Meets Literature

This article entails exciting new features for writers and readers. It also entails an accurate description of what Gamalami is and how it works.

Gamalami is an internet based company which was designed for reading purposes, to sell books and to connect with readers like never before. This platform was created mainly for authors to sell and publish their work at a wider market. Since is a self-publishing website authors determine the pricing of their content on the site. Gamalami is not limited to book publications as various types of content may be published on the site. Publications such as articles, blogs, short stories and many more. Gamalami is an easy to use website which not only allows for self-publishing of individual authors, but also allows for major publishing companies to sell their publications on allowing for a wider market for selling instead of selling at one medium of literature sales.

Gamalami is a simple user friendly site recommended for both readers and authors. Firstly one must sign up at This will only require a username, ones email address and for the user to set a desired password for logging in. After registering the user will then have an easy access to the site’s content. For a more extensive access to the sites content one may upgrade their account to premium membership to access exclusive writing from all authors. As a premium member one may get many rewards, like hours of reading completely free and free book downloads from the hottest stories. There are separate links for uploading or publishing. One is for books and one for articles. When publishing a book the user is requested to get verification as this process is to acquire important details of publisher.

Information such as ID number, Account Number, Bank Name and phone number is required. This information is protected and secured with the latest technology and information is not shared and inaccessible to non-Gamalami Technologies verifiers. After this information it may take a day for the publisher’s information to be verified. After verification user may publish as many books as one desires. For literature such as articles there is no need for verification as this publication is logged on to their account.

Welcome to the future of sophisticated authentic writing.

Welcome to Gamalami.

For more information visit,

Self-Publishing When You Really Do Not Have Money

We frequently receive emails and messages from people who say that they cannot publish their books because they do not have money. In this short post we will show you that it is possible to publish a book and circulate it to major book shops without spending a dime.

If you are really low on budget you have to be creative. It means that you have to design your own book cover and edit your manuscript or use your peers to edit. They can also give you comments on your cover design.

With an edited manuscript and as cover page you can publish your book online for free and get it distributed to major online shops. Use online publishing services like;

and many more.

When you want hard copies, just go to a book printer with your book files they print on demand.

What other online platforms can one use to publish a book for free?

12 Writing Contests You Should Definitely Enter this February 2017

Here are the 12 writing contests you should definitely enter this February. Check each site for the terms and conditions.

  1. The SA Writers College 2017 Annual Short Story Award
  2. Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition
  3. Freelance Writing Contests
  4. My Writing Journey – International Short Story Competition – May 2017
  5. Commonwealth Youth Council Poetry Competition 2017
  6. 2017 Eisaku Sato Essay Contest Now Open; Submit by 31 March
  7. Goi Peace Foundation/UNESCO International Essay Contest for Young People
  8. 2017 Worldwide UNESCO Center for Peace Youth Multimedia Competition
  9. United Nations University Eisaku Sato Essay Contest – Japan
  10. Tana Forum University Essay Competition for African Students 2017 – Ethiopia
  11. Many Languages, One World® Student Essay Contest 2017
  12. Reflex Fiction Flash Fiction Competition

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Eleven Writing Tips I Will Never Regret by Eddie Ssemakula

You have heard about the man who buried his master’s treasure because he was afraid of his boss’s wrath, I don’t want to be that man, when my master returns I want him to know I multiplied what he gave me, for his glory alone.

Writing is one of those few passions I am privileged to steward, at the risk of sounding self-obsessed, I am humbled to share some lessons I have picked up in this craft, over the years.

Rock higher than I

When writing I have learnt, it is important to first think of the ‘what’ rather than the ‘how’, I see writing as a “means” rather than an “end.” It is suitable that you are something else before you define yourself as a writer, another passion should drive you, another cause must stir. “… all other ground is sinking sand,” the ancient hymn goes.

Cause before pen.

For some I know, music trends move you, sound doctrine drives the heart of some of my friends, others are often unsettled by the state of politics, others -fashion, humanitarian stuff , blogging, the list goes on, yet not without caution, and I will tell you this as Christian, all identities outside the what we have become in Christ will eternally fail us. So we all tread with restraint and grab a cause before we grab the pen.

Gotta study boy!

I forget who said but I still remember what they said, “Writers who never read should never expect to be read.” God wrote a book, he even encouraged his people to “study to show themselves approved.” Whereas motivations to study may vary, the discipline itself is priceless. Writers do well to heed.


Author Max Lucado once put it well, “there is only one you, you will never bump into yourself on the street” I wouldn’t hesitate to apply that to writing too, we all arrived here custom-made, different by design, from the maker of all things, some folks are smitten by how computers work, others like Zuckerberg are fascinated with what computers can accomplish. So hone your style, admire and emulate other people’s style, but in the end, let it all rub on yours, which is original.


Like the Grammarly quote goes, “People  who do not use punctuation deserve a long sentence.” – enough said.


This is my favourite; my journalism tutors used to say keep it short and simple- (KISS) I still agree, the world is full of information, don’t add to the problem, surgery is painful, but good, love your reader and cut the long sentence, avoid unnecessary words, mean what you say and say what you mean. William Zinsser, author of “On Writing well” famously quipped, “Clutter is the disease of American Writing,” he probably had never been to Uganda. So cut and cut, slice even your dear sentences, it might all turn out bloody, but then again, you save your dear reader the burden of thick paragraphs, like the one I just wrote now.


We are a society strangling in unnecessary jargon, but engineer talk should be left to Engineers, legal jargon shouldn’t be used in market stalls, in other words, write how you speak, if you’ve never told your wife she’s “pre-eminent”, don’t use it in a sentence, just tell us she cooks you awesome Irish and later asks how your day was. We will Gerrit!


This is one I just learnt, digital natives are lazy readers, they rarely scroll to the bottom of your stuff, (unless it’s your relative reading) so we say it again, keep paragraphs “chunked” to four, five lines, or less, single page in total for digital is good advice, Unless your editor or lecturer requires otherwise. And like our friends in advertising put it, “less is more. ”

One Thought at a time

If you want to tell us how awesome your barber is, don’t tell us about his cousin’s friend, who moved  upcountry last week, and how he’s also starting a barber shop like “his nephews’ ” keep it to him, describe his laughter, his facial expressions as he trims your beard, we can know about his nephew in the next post, right?

Free to fail.

The trouble with life-hacking stuff is that when we hear “tips,” we try to get it perfect first time round, wrong, every craft takes time, punctuation and style grow, readers too, so dust yourself fast when your content looks horrible in the beginning, everybody starts there. Feel free to fail and break some rules once in a while, the ultimate things in life are high above pens and Microsoft word.

Led by the spirit

Of course everybody has their inspiration, some say music, others serenity, whatever it is, as a Christian, I have personally found relentless nutrition from prayer and God’s word, the hope of most of my writing is that my readers get to see (like author Tim Keller would put it) that, “We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope.”

Yep, I could say much more, but see what else I have got say here, as you also let us hear your own lessons, Will you?

Author Bio

Eddie Ssemakula is a Christian journalist, a thinker, a writer, a poet, a photographer and a content developer based in Uganda. He is the author of How to write, and writes on his blogs Muleefu and Muleefu Journalism. You can contact him on +256782793020 or by email He is on Twitter and Facebook.

Mega List of Facebook Book and Author Promotion Groups

Every author needs a platform. It is a fact that book sales increases as the author platform increase.

We have created the longest list of Facebook Book and Author Promotion Groups from which you can use for book promotion and to increase your followers.

If you know a group that is missing just let me know, and if a group on the list shuts down also let me know.

Happy book promotion!

Author Page Like Swapping

All types of Book Promotions

Free and 99c Books Promotions

Only Kindle Books Promotions

Only Kids Books Promotion

Black Author’s Book Promotion

Romance Books Only

Reviews / Review Exchange Groups

Groups for Authors with NO Promotions

Group for Author Services

Christian Writers Groups with No promotions

Extra Facebook Groups

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