Crooked Line by Bishop Raphael Koopman

Crooked Line challenges the current South African Regime in their application of Democracy. Has Democracy worked in South Africa as it has in the rest of the world? Is Afro-democracy simply failing due to the greed and selfish nature of African Leaders? Indeed South Africans were warned by the late Nelson Mandela when he asked citizens to respond similarly to the ANC government as was to the White minority regime in view of the potential, and now real threat the once Liberators are causing.

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Bishop Raphael Koopman is a man of God, qualified and ordained to the Ministry. He speaks out fearlessly against all injustices everywhere, as is clear in his writing.

The Bishop is married with five children and resides at the moment in South Africa. He speaks and motivates others, host various camp meetings and special events throughout the Country and abroad.

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