Divine (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Never in a million years

Centuries have passed and forgotten

So much ignorance I stand and witness

Lord I can’t take this no more

Faithful you have been to our lives

The answer we seek is within you

Yet you chose to forsake us

Man is but a virus

Claiming he will cleanse himself

Knowledge you have given unto thee

Yet with it we have chosen to rebel

You have the all seeing eye

To hell with all complexity

Now we know and laugh

A fortune meant for yourself

Thank us we grabbed it

Light is known in darkness

The opposite reveals the other

Keep patience to thyself

Lest we meet earlier than scheduled

It’s unfair you control time and seasons

Forever young we will be

For heaven and hell we aim to avoid

Thank you for the gift

For with it we misunderstand you

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