Equinox : Beginnings by Yusuf R Shaik

Earth, 2293. Boy genius Jason King has been sentenced to life aboard the giant prison ship, Equinox, to be frozen in a state of suspended animation, a fate considered worse than death.

To his horror, Jason wakes up in his containment cell immobilised, disorientated, but fully conscious.

He soon discovers that he has unique abilities which allow him to escape captivity, sparking a race to free the other prisoners and build the world’s first faster than light drive on board the Equinox in a bid to escape the solar system, setting in motion an incredible interstellar adventure.

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The South African born Yusuf R Shaik is an inventor, adventurer, jet-setter & full time certified engineer working in the technology field who has a passion for writing science fiction stories based on scientific probability.

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