Gamalami Technologies Meets Literature

This article entails exciting new features for writers and readers. It also entails an accurate description of what Gamalami is and how it works.

Gamalami is an internet based company which was designed for reading purposes, to sell books and to connect with readers like never before. This platform was created mainly for authors to sell and publish their work at a wider market. Since is a self-publishing website authors determine the pricing of their content on the site. Gamalami is not limited to book publications as various types of content may be published on the site. Publications such as articles, blogs, short stories and many more. Gamalami is an easy to use website which not only allows for self-publishing of individual authors, but also allows for major publishing companies to sell their publications on allowing for a wider market for selling instead of selling at one medium of literature sales.

Gamalami is a simple user friendly site recommended for both readers and authors. Firstly one must sign up at This will only require a username, ones email address and for the user to set a desired password for logging in. After registering the user will then have an easy access to the site’s content. For a more extensive access to the sites content one may upgrade their account to premium membership to access exclusive writing from all authors. As a premium member one may get many rewards, like hours of reading completely free and free book downloads from the hottest stories. There are separate links for uploading or publishing. One is for books and one for articles. When publishing a book the user is requested to get verification as this process is to acquire important details of publisher.

Information such as ID number, Account Number, Bank Name and phone number is required. This information is protected and secured with the latest technology and information is not shared and inaccessible to non-Gamalami Technologies verifiers. After this information it may take a day for the publisher’s information to be verified. After verification user may publish as many books as one desires. For literature such as articles there is no need for verification as this publication is logged on to their account.

Welcome to the future of sophisticated authentic writing.

Welcome to Gamalami.

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