Life at the Compound by Tichafa Tsiga

Life at the compound is centred on life as it happens in a typical farm village. There is the abusive nature and manipulation of employees by the authorities, which is seen propagating to their followers. The senior employees are seen doing the same particularly the masculine exploiting and abusing their female employees because of their positions. This goes to even affect the children due to lack of care by those who should be seen doing so.

Corruption reared its ugly head as would be seen by the incarceration of farm teachers by farm authorities leading to their union dumping them at the eleventh hour due to money exchanging hands.

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My name is Tichafa Tsiga born in 1970, 09 June in Mutoko, Zimbbwe. I went to Katsukunya secondary school. In 2005 i graduated from DMC Hotel Training centre. I worked for Spur Steak ranches from 1997 to 2012 in Harare. Currently i am working for a Catering company as a catering manager.

Life at the compound is my first book.

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