Loneliness (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

I seek but find none

I knock but only closed doors await

My soul detached from my spirit

Yet am guaranteed torment

That which was of value

I despise whole heartedly

Satisfaction I aim to achieve

Sorrow I have harvested

A man in agony I am

Yet none of you perceive

You do not need parables

For proverbs were given unto us

A days wage for a days labor

Yet it’s never enough

Look upon thy gifts and pleasures

The sun sets with todays hope

Curse I not for am the curse

Guard your character for I aim at it

Venom on my tongue worse than a viper’s

Expectations so high I walk in the air

Call me anything but evil

Yes! Be proud where you watch

An abomination you helped create

Leviathan my companion

A recipe you will not like

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