Lost Ones (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

She was the perfect rose I swear

A delight in my disgruntled garden

She gave me hope for a better future

And smiles and joy I flourished myself

Until the bus overturned on that cursed bridge

Never do I wish to visit the tragedy scene

For it drains all hope from me and keeps me weak

An imperfect soul the earth has lost

Loved for all its craziness and humble character

We all mourn but none feels how I feel

For this loss I take personal and with a grudge

My to be companion among the dead

I curse both death and birth all my life

One from the womb and the other from fate

For once God seems unfair to me and brethren

Never on earth will I find one like her

Still the Lord smiles and disapproves my emotion

For like Job I question the unquestionable

I have no idea how he operates and functions

So I am here to repent and be forgiven

For all the answers he holds in his hands

My beloved is gone and rendered me lonely

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