My Dear I (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Like a fallen angel I walk the earth

So far destiny has guaranteed my death

Memories of the heavens linger in my head

A rebellious act that repentance for save

Noble men I corrupt so they share my trouble

My long term goals have been shortened by fate

So why exist to envy other disturbed men

Like a fisherman I cast my net wide enough

My victims seem not to perceive the way out

Ignorant like a bat I still fly in the day

Hoping I can master the great art of daylight

For my punisher has no regard for my wellbeing

Embrace those alive and weep for the conquered

For one is born craving destruction and agony

A demon they call me on earth

And saints cast me out in times of peace

Who is worthy to open the sacred scroll

The earth is my turf as the lord trample me

My master himself the biggest coward

That’s why I have pity on none but myself

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