Smuggled (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

I was born a free man they told me

With rights as a human and a culture to preserve

In a foreign land I have escaped my captors

With no campus I try to outrun him

For in a foreign country everyone is after me

The law, immigration and my tormentors search for me

They put a price on my head high above the sky

Traded for a bag of coffee my life is overturned

Blindfolded they made me cross the sea unwillingly

A better life and social status is all I ever wanted

That quest ended in chains and beatings without mercy

They rob me of my past and heritage

And try to define and draw destiny for me

A land I despised so much I crave to return

Africa has lost another of her great sons

Human traffickers roam within her thin belly

For an ounce of gold men are taken for assets

The devil in a tuxedo promised me great fortune

I repent but the heavens are closed upon me

Until death I will search for my way home

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