Book Review: Fortune how I got started – The Editors of Fortune Magazine

The book is a compilation of stories of entrepreneurs giving highlights on how they started their businesses. The entrepreneurs are from a diverse background, operate different types businesses and they started in all sorts of ways.

The book groups the entrepreneurs into seven sections as follows;

  1. Eureka moment. These grew their businesses by a discovery.
  2. Friends and family. Grew the business with the help of friend and family members.
  3. Grow what you know. These grew their businesses using special know of the product or industry.
  4. Think like a customer. They grew the business with the help of customers.
  5. The power of your people. They expanded using franchising.
  6. Selling on a shoestring. They had to do some tricks to increase sales.
  7. These had businesses that took a long time to turn around.

If you are an entrepreneur, these inspirational stories will give you hope that you can make it. These are real stories from real people who made it.

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