In My Life (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Full of despair and hate

I rise through the fireworks

Why I am this way remains a mystery

For the Lord holds my destiny

With fate I play hardball for you

Watch the sun rise yet hope for darkness

For my true nature I hide from you

My childhood shaped a just man

Peer pressure produced an ignorant soul

From clay I came and to clay I will escape

You are reasoned in your castle I guess

Why such a powerful and treacherous mind

I aim to be the greatest at all cost

Oppose me and you shall perish indeed

Materialism has conquered my soul

Have it all or perish poor

Get rich or be at society’s mercy

I am your role model I declare

For behind those white robes you are greater than I

Oooooh! Save humanity

For it killeth its own seed

The devil is a liar I disagree

For the greedy seek his guidance til the end of time

Man has deceived himself yet again

Before the lord am ashamed

Deliver us from evil

Welcome to my journey

The Condemned (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

A war within my flesh

Love and hatred I keep

Like salt and water I bring pain

For in heaven neither exist

The fallen shall rise again on victory

Only to fall again harder this time

Why throw the beast on our turf

When we are hopeless ourselves

Why punish us with temptation again

When we failed in the very first instance

With eyes those of an eagle

You search for the good within us

From vipers and serpents we hide

From truth and knowledge we learn nothing

Deeper into the dark abyss I hear gnashing of teeth

My fellow brethren keep calm

Make sure your sword is sharpened

For today our oppressors come forth

With everything we shall face them

Smuggled (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

I was born a free man they told me

With rights as a human and a culture to preserve

In a foreign land I have escaped my captors

With no campus I try to outrun him

For in a foreign country everyone is after me

The law, immigration and my tormentors search for me

They put a price on my head high above the sky

Traded for a bag of coffee my life is overturned

Blindfolded they made me cross the sea unwillingly

A better life and social status is all I ever wanted

That quest ended in chains and beatings without mercy

They rob me of my past and heritage

And try to define and draw destiny for me

A land I despised so much I crave to return

Africa has lost another of her great sons

Human traffickers roam within her thin belly

For an ounce of gold men are taken for assets

The devil in a tuxedo promised me great fortune

I repent but the heavens are closed upon me

Until death I will search for my way home

Shooting Star (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

I had a sling and a few stones

With it I achieved a great lot in my childhood

Inspired by King David it became my true companion

Dare you threaten the life of an African child

One born in the greatest of struggles and troubles

For these are a normal reality of my fellow country men

Promise me a job and a career but leave the above intact

For without them all direction and purpose is lost

But my youth has shown me more cruel realities

My fantasies are outmatched and dreams slowly fading

They had made me a master of the wine bottle

My sling is long forgeten and in no shape

My siblings laugh at my situation and failure

Enough is enough I will restructure my life and goals

I will search for my very old sling

This time I will put no stone in it but hope

And will throw it where the shooting star drops

Lost Ones (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

She was the perfect rose I swear

A delight in my disgruntled garden

She gave me hope for a better future

And smiles and joy I flourished myself

Until the bus overturned on that cursed bridge

Never do I wish to visit the tragedy scene

For it drains all hope from me and keeps me weak

An imperfect soul the earth has lost

Loved for all its craziness and humble character

We all mourn but none feels how I feel

For this loss I take personal and with a grudge

My to be companion among the dead

I curse both death and birth all my life

One from the womb and the other from fate

For once God seems unfair to me and brethren

Never on earth will I find one like her

Still the Lord smiles and disapproves my emotion

For like Job I question the unquestionable

I have no idea how he operates and functions

So I am here to repent and be forgiven

For all the answers he holds in his hands

My beloved is gone and rendered me lonely

The Traveler (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

The faster he came the faster he went

Like life itself only seconds define it

I explore the atlas and no destination suits me

In my head I travel to and fro seeking peace

The caymans hide my stolen treasures

The swiss marvel at my investments

The authority and law wonder my whereabouts

No man is an island I tell myself again

Keep my enemies closer so I watch the intent

My family won’t help and I help none of them

I have enemies within my own boundaries

Blessed be the heavens and cursed our currencies

Poverty is the root of all evil I challenge

King Solomon must have looted himself indeed

For his wisdom rendered himself useless

A legacy God gave him to misuse

A dacaying man I am walking the earth

Peace be upon as I search for a hideout

Mothers Weeping (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

So all I did was labour for nothing

The seed I begot is an eyesore to mankind

What have I done to deserve such hatred among men

All resources I provided from the little I had

Hoping a proud harvest I was about to reap

Like a failed business venture I cry over my loss

For shame and disgrace you have put upon me

This environment is nothing but a treacherous plot

Governed by rights that shadow our very own culture

I carry my basket upon my head every day for you

For in prison decent food you are lacking

Like a sad hymn I walk to your rescue with hope

All I taught you was in vain my child

Proof that your generation is faithless and evil

The capitalist economy was never meant for lazy you

The faster it come the quicker it’s taken from you

At least I got rid of your murder weapon in good time

Be glad your sentence is not a lifetime

Still more I weep til my eyes get dry

My Dear I (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Like a fallen angel I walk the earth

So far destiny has guaranteed my death

Memories of the heavens linger in my head

A rebellious act that repentance for save

Noble men I corrupt so they share my trouble

My long term goals have been shortened by fate

So why exist to envy other disturbed men

Like a fisherman I cast my net wide enough

My victims seem not to perceive the way out

Ignorant like a bat I still fly in the day

Hoping I can master the great art of daylight

For my punisher has no regard for my wellbeing

Embrace those alive and weep for the conquered

For one is born craving destruction and agony

A demon they call me on earth

And saints cast me out in times of peace

Who is worthy to open the sacred scroll

The earth is my turf as the lord trample me

My master himself the biggest coward

That’s why I have pity on none but myself

Wind Breaker (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Like the moon he still shines

Shadows of hope he shall cast upon you

A predator patiently waiting for its pray

Deadly and vicious like the hot Sahara

Through all four seasons he remains calm

Like fire and ice he has no true identity

His deeds reveal so much about his mission

But people love and still respect him

For without him the society is absolute chaos

Bankruptcy and debt are his nature

Yet no man dares stand and put him to trial

For he built the house you live in

Your own children look to him for inspiration

Capitalism at its best in a morden society

Work or suffer Poverty’s fate

Thank God for his provision

For without him your basics will disappear

When the storm is rough and the wind blows

He stands a permanent shield

That’s why they call me the wind breaker

In Denial (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Just as it ended it began

A wave of desperate cries

One cares not how it will dissolve

From ancient times we heard tales

Like prophecy they face us with fire

Why do you dream at all fellow man

Of what benefit has revelation been to you

Leave the old folks to such foolishness

Like flowers we all wither from old age

So enjoy brother in your youth

Keep the accountability to Gods grace

For in time we are all just mere mortals

Run by a system we didn’t choose

Rebellion has been our inner truth

Even with all provided we still complained

So I make up my mind and curse

For no reason but I seem satisfied

Guide myself through violence

For the result is always the same as before

War between flesh and spirit