Book Review: How we bought a 24-unit apartment for (almost) no money down by Brandon Turner

In this small book Brandon tells his story on how he bought the 24 unit apartment for almost no money down.

It is an inspirational story for those who are interested in real estate or business. In the story one thing led to another and most of it is by coincidence. His story show some creativity in desperate situations.

I liked the book especially that you finish it in one read.

The down side of the book is that it looks like a marketing booklet for other products. However he did it very well.

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Book Review: How to grow a multi-million dollar property portfolio in your spare time by Michael Yardney

Again Michael did not disappoint us.

This book gives all the details of how to become wealth through real estate investing. He started the first few chapters with the basics for beginners and gets deeper into details with each chapter. The topics are well organised to give a flow to the teachings.

With each chapter the information is thoroughly researched and easily presented in a simplified way.

Although the book is about ‘How to grow a multi-million dollar property portfolio in your spare time,’ it is not guaranteed that after reading it you will make millions. However the advice has been working in my real life.

I recommend this book to those who are planning to get into real estate and also those who want to get the knowledge on how to maximise profits from real estate.

Readers must note that the researches and principles are based on Australian economic environment.

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