At Heaven’s Gate (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

I pray for your souls my beloved

For you forget the depth of your sins

In the past logic and tradition saved you

My laws and commandments you have broken

With a sorrowful face you knock at my gate

The jury is all against you as I weep

Why does mankind listen when told

It was never about you but I of course

Like prodigal sons yet behave like outcasts

Saints and the poor you have neglected

Knowledge and wisdom you denied

My wrath you claim is not for you

My mercy I have exhausted

One dares not get any closer to me

For salt and sugar make tea a nightmare

I thank myself for your existence

Yet weep upon thy destruction

My mighty hand is capable of both by the way

So stand strong and face what I present

Guilt has haunted your generation

Stop knocking at my golden gates.

Dialogue With A Serpent (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Born in a world of transgression

Taught by the best through starvation

In the dark I pray for my tribulation

My soul enjoys the melody of slavery

For it was the only option better than you

Before I trample on you I demand a smile

I demand that which you fail to attain

With a smooth strike you bite my ankle

Let’s have a chat before I die my sister

For both of us are orphans denied by them

Death can never be more welcome

From a saint to a fellow angel

After incarnation I become you of course

Am the vision and you my visionary

Carry out my last testament for it is good

Turn to your disciples and do likewise

My heart is full of joy and distortion

For with courage I have faced you

Nameless (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

In the face of destruction we smiled

When we had no joy we laughed

Incase you did not know we forgave you

And now we dwell in your ignorance

Show us hatred and we will accept

The result being your own desolation

We smile more when you conquer nobleness

And now our young one’s are in belwederment

For trust of you we got rid off

We walk like giants indeed

Talk like tyrants for sure

David and Goliath we observed

But faith of a mustard seed we have

In drought we fight the lack of moisture

And in the rain we withhold our struggle

Our tribe embrace races and originality

In our minds we take heed of culture

Innocent people will call us

Your dark secrets we shall laugh at

In the name of humanity we cast you out

By way of reason we accept you

Now watch and learn

For we have conquered you

The definition of innocence we are

For we defy all hatred

The Brethren (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

With a cold shoulder he stares

In my understanding he is game

A victim of oneself I am

Like a Jaguar I patiently watch him

A trap I set for his own good

And felony is the result am sure

Never yourself in a lifetime

Should you forgive your own sins

For one greater still accounts for them

Now let us feast to our own destruction

Our righteousness locked in a dark room

With our disturd minds we laugh

Fate is still watching us with sorrow

Wish me luck brethren I declare

For I have run out of it

Silence (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

With a loud cry of joy

They celebrated my birth

With a loud cry of sorrow

They mourned my death

To no purpose was all undertaken

Only dead silence stares right at us

Why is man born in the first place?

At a lower price I was bought

At a higher price I am buried

What an investment I was

One that guarantees no profit

Six feet the dirt above me

Six plates of gold can do no better

I had no option but fate besides me

For I dine at the table of death

A luxury I could not afford

But came upon me like a last testament

Receive my soul oh Lord

Because I never meant to leave

Lucifer has won nothing as always

And Gabriel laughs at him

Compassion (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

For your sake I defied tradition

For your sake I have transgressed

For your sake I live an illusion

For your sake my heart is torn to pieces

Vengeance is never my goal

I recruit only the tender and good hearted

Ethics guide us through the mission

But for your sake we abandoned protocol

You a have a way to kill our minds

Captives in our own land we are

A happy family you have made us

Victims of a noble cause

The pain is sweet I swear

For joy we were used to

Wish us luck for we wish you none

Destiny has proven you wrong

A war in the making it is

One threatens with bow and arrow

We offer peace, unity and love

To conquer us is to unite us

Thank you Lord for the grace

Divine (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Never in a million years

Centuries have passed and forgotten

So much ignorance I stand and witness

Lord I can’t take this no more

Faithful you have been to our lives

The answer we seek is within you

Yet you chose to forsake us

Man is but a virus

Claiming he will cleanse himself

Knowledge you have given unto thee

Yet with it we have chosen to rebel

You have the all seeing eye

To hell with all complexity

Now we know and laugh

A fortune meant for yourself

Thank us we grabbed it

Light is known in darkness

The opposite reveals the other

Keep patience to thyself

Lest we meet earlier than scheduled

It’s unfair you control time and seasons

Forever young we will be

For heaven and hell we aim to avoid

Thank you for the gift

For with it we misunderstand you

Loneliness (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

I seek but find none

I knock but only closed doors await

My soul detached from my spirit

Yet am guaranteed torment

That which was of value

I despise whole heartedly

Satisfaction I aim to achieve

Sorrow I have harvested

A man in agony I am

Yet none of you perceive

You do not need parables

For proverbs were given unto us

A days wage for a days labor

Yet it’s never enough

Look upon thy gifts and pleasures

The sun sets with todays hope

Curse I not for am the curse

Guard your character for I aim at it

Venom on my tongue worse than a viper’s

Expectations so high I walk in the air

Call me anything but evil

Yes! Be proud where you watch

An abomination you helped create

Leviathan my companion

A recipe you will not like

Evolution (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

With false ideologies

Our generation will march

With no clear destination

We shall travel

Our victim we spare not

Out of victimisation a revolution springs forth

Run by a system, raised in a system

We break the walls of Jericho

Cry out mother earth

For we shall conquer

Today you will stop all violence

Yet with violence we aim to progress

Your offspring rebels within thy womb

Men so desperate are after you

Show us the way and we will follow

Yet your will we despise

Show us your character

And nature will defy you

Born with transgressions

We outrageously kill all forms of wisdom

Love my neighbour I will

For tomorrow he buries me

The Fallen (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

To my predecessor

This is diaspora indeed

To my heirs hearts are torn

Inherit my struggle and foolishness

Sound judgement and wisdom I lack

Die in the land ye were born

For it’s the same in foreign dwellings

Blessed with all seasons we are

Why question the creator?

Is not righteousness his nature?

Why besieged yourself with thoughts

The enemy is within you

All is vanity once a king said

Into heavenly dwelling,

We try to bribe our way through

With a stubborn heart

We bow at the alter

We killed the messenger for prophecy

Was against us

Haunted we are by his message

Protect us from ourselves

For all consciousness we have lost