The Discipleship Series by Taka Sande

Going back to the basics.

  • Are you looking for basic Christian faith Bible based teachings?
  • Do you have questions about the Christian faith?
  • Do you want basic Christian faith Bible based material that will help you during you devotional times?
  • Are you a leader who some time battle to get ready made topics and content to teach?

If your answer is yes to any of the questions above it means that “The Discipleship Series is the book for you. It contains basic Christian faith Bible based teachings essential for every believer. It will answer questions that you may have about the Christian faith. As you have your quiet time or personal devotion the teaching can help you as reading material. And if you are a leader the lessons are good for teaching and discussion in Bible study groups.

Besides this, this book takes you back to the basics. No matter where we are or how long we have been there, the basic things must not be forgotten. Basic principles are the ones that make our foundations. And once in a while we go back to check our foundation, because the whole building sits on it.

This book presents basic Christian life teachings. It’s a good book not only for a new Christian but for anyone who what to know more about the basics of Christian faith. If you really want to enjoy your Christian life, this is the book to read.

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Author Bio

Taka Sande is a Christian author who resides in Pretoria, South Africa. Writing is his passion.

He runs the It’s My Footprint blog, and he has published three book; ‘The Discipleship Series,’ the ‘Little Tough Tips on Marriage’ and then recently ‘The Blessing Scriptures.’ These three Christian books are all available on Amazon and major bookshops in both print format and kindle versions.

Taka currently serves as a leader at Hatfield Christian Church and is involved in mentoring. He is married to Beatrice and they have three children. Taka enjoys adventures, photography and hiking.

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