The Spirit of The Optimist by Isaac Tlaka

The Spirit of the Optimist is a story told by Gemini Ramalahla whose hope for the best in his life got lost after he had failed to raise six thousand rand registration fee for his Social Work studies at the University of Limpopo. When he introduces himself to a certain guy by theme of Conscious whose biggest dream was to one day publish his poetry anthology, Gemini astonished him (Conscious) by the pessimism that he (Gemini) was characterized of, which was what Conscious condemned most. Therefore, along their friendship journey, Conscious never gave up on persuading dejected Gemini to retrieve his hope. As the story reaches through, Conscious’ poetry anthology got published that he even earned enough for the anthology he had compiled. Out of unselfishness he (Conscious) open heartedly granted Gemini with some of the money and told him that with it he could further his studies in order to realize his dream of becoming a Social Worker. So in this story, Gemini narrates about the pivotal role that his friend, Conscious played to end up realizing his dream of becoming a Social Worker. Gist of this fictional novel is Hope, which the author’s intention is to plant it to each and every spiritually fractured one. It also explores the theme of passion and hard work.

The book is written by Isaac Tlaka and published by STRONGMIND PRODUCTION IN WRITING (PTY) LTD, in April 2015.

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