Wind Breaker (A Poem)

By Themba Mvula

Like the moon he still shines

Shadows of hope he shall cast upon you

A predator patiently waiting for its pray

Deadly and vicious like the hot Sahara

Through all four seasons he remains calm

Like fire and ice he has no true identity

His deeds reveal so much about his mission

But people love and still respect him

For without him the society is absolute chaos

Bankruptcy and debt are his nature

Yet no man dares stand and put him to trial

For he built the house you live in

Your own children look to him for inspiration

Capitalism at its best in a morden society

Work or suffer Poverty’s fate

Thank God for his provision

For without him your basics will disappear

When the storm is rough and the wind blows

He stands a permanent shield

That’s why they call me the wind breaker

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