World’s Apart by Sharon Felicia Acheampong

No one was saying anything. No one was telling the two princes or any of the palace staff anything, and they were getting worried. It was around eleven PM when there was the sound of commotion coming from the room, then silence, then the anguished scream of a man whose heart had been torn out. Itzel immediately threw up. Something had gone awfully wrong, and most of the people who had heard could guess, but no one dared to vocalize it. A few minutes later, one of the doctors came out to tell them that Zora had given birth to twins, a boy and a girl, but she had died in the process. In less than a year, Kimora had lost two queens. Worlds Apart is a story about a king who gives up his throne when he gets heartbroken, a princess and a prince who never knew they were, twins who meet and do not realise they are related, and a best friend who helps to bring a broken family together.

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Author Bio

Born Sharon Felicia Acheampong, an only child, to a Mozambican mother and a Ghanaian father. She has been writing from a very young age. She self published her first fiction novel titled Worlds Apart in 2012.

Sharon graduated with a degree in Community and Health Psychology from the University of South Africa in 2016. She is currently teaching at Kadoma Montessori Pre-School in Kadoma, Zimbabwe where she is currently based.

Sharon is also a singer-songwriter going under the name, Felicia Diallo and her songs and videos have received airplay locally.

She lives with her mother Sue Acheampong and in her spare time, she enjoys , reading, listening to music , dancing as well as playing with her two dogs, Star and DeAngelo.

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